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Strengthen your brand on social media by engaging with social media influencers.

Social Media Influencers

We'll develop a Social Media Influencer strategy and outreach for your brand. This involves the development of the strategy for your brands influencer engagement then executing outreach with indentified influencers.

Build relationships with people who can build relationships for you.

Our Social Media Influencer Strategy and Outreach process involves:

  • Identifying social media influencers that speak the language of your brand and your consumers.
  • Observe and analyse the influencers' platforms, quality of content, following, engagement and social activity.
  • Engage with the most appropriate and relevant influencers and ask them to partner with your brand.
  • Help the influencers implement our strategy.
  • Monitor and analyse the results

90% of consumers trust recommendations from their peers. Only 33% of them trust adverts.

Our Social Media Influencer Strategy covers:

  • What are Influencers?
  • Why you need Influencers
  • Who is your ideal Influencer?
  • What your Influencer will actually do
  • What you need to do for theIinfluencer
  • Finding Influencers that match your ideal Influencer
  • How will we connect with the Influencer?
  • Formal plan for the Influencer

Get ahead of your competition and connect with your consumers in a whole new way.

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