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Aston Social is Melbourne’s leading social media marketing agency.

What We Do

We are a team of passionate individuals based in Melbourne Australia, coming together to form a specialist Social Media Agency.

Social Media Guarantee

We guarantee to hit our targets. If we don’t, you can leave at any time!

About Aston Social

Melbourne based Specialist Social Media Strategists and Managers

We’re all about social media strategy and marketing, digital content and lead generation.

Knowing where to start in the big world of social media can be daunting. Here at Aston Social we help setup your business’s digital marketing strategy and then run it for you. Providing ongoing support and management for all of your platforms, website, social, email marketing, e-commerce or blog.

Whether you’re time poor, need a little extra help or just don’t have the expertise required, we’re here to help.

Some Happy Clients

The brands you trust, trusts the
leading social media agency in Melbourne.

Social Media Training Packages

Aston Social provides a series of social media training courses to help get you started with your business marketing strategy and online presence.

how we do it

By using the most powerful platform of all, digital media. That’s how.

who we are

The Social Media Agency Melbourne team know the best way run your social media marketing for you and your customers.

When it comes to social media we just get it, it’s our thing, and we do it well. We believe in the infinite possibility that social media offers and the necessity for your business to use a engaging and cohesive strategy as part of your digital brand strategy.

Our team is designed to maximise your success on social media through an in depth strategy process that delivers relevant and entertaining content to keep your fan base listening.

Social Media Strategist

Daniel Martin


Ellen Roumeliotis

Peter Layton

Peter Layton

Roberto Marantan

Roberto Marantan


The Hashtag Chronicles

Latest news, trends and updates about the social media world

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Sometimes magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect.

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