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How MHCC Used Social Media Platforms
To Increase Their Engagement With Customers

The Mental Health Complaints Commissioner is the Victorian authority for handling complaints regarding Mental Health service providers.

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Launching a new commission and service is hard, we need as many Victorians who need our help to know that we exist, as quickly as possible.

Mental Health Complaints Commissioner Social Media Strategy
Case Study Challenges at Aston Social

The Challenge

A new commissioner to bring new safety.

The Mental Health Complaints Commissioner (MHCC) was created by the Victoria Government to help citizens who had issues with services provided by mental health organisations to get their complaints resolved and improve the quality of service in the sector as a whole.

Social Media a vital role.

Clearly working in such a sensitive area with citizens who may otherwise have a pathway to have their voices heard, social media was a vital component of how the MHCC would communicate with it’s audience.

Case Study Strategy at Aston Social

The Strategy

New profiles, new content.

With all new profiles created across a variety of platforms, it came time to create something from nothing. With no prior history, no prior stories and no brand history to call upon, it was up to us to make it up.

Content variety in all areas.

Content ranged from mundane service announcements, through to musing from the commissioner into the promotion of service provider successes.

Mental Health Complaints Commissioner Social Media Marketing
Mental Health Complaints Commissioner Social Media Management
Case Study Results at Aston Social

The Result

A disturbing reaction.

Unfortunately, playing in such a controversial and potentially dangerous area brings with it the chance of being exposed to things you wouldn’t otherwise normally. Complaints about service providers flooded in, which was the primary aim of the organisation, but opening up to the public on social media required preparation.

Careful community management.

Extreme care was required when handling communications, particularly messages that would come in during the darker hours, often late at night. It was up to Aston Social to handle these precarious situations with sensitivity, often having to handle the situation for many hours until the commissioner opened it’s doors again at 9am the following day.


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