Mental Health Complaints Commissioner

How MHCC Used Social Media Platforms
To Increase Their Engagement With Customers

The Mental Health Complaints Commissioner is the Victorian authority for handling complaints regarding Mental Health service providers.

Launching a new commission and service is hard, we need as many Victorians who need our help to know that we exist, as quickly as possible.

The Challenge

An already successful business, Shine On wanted to take their marketing efforts more seriously and branch out to other platforms, both traditional and digital, including social media. Recognised as part of the sales funnel, Shine On understood that social media is a support act to a routine and diligent sales program – which they already undertook.

The Strategy

Using Facebook, Twitter and Linked in Pharmacy Business Network has increased engagement from existing fans with interesting, practical and engaging content relating to the running of a pharmacy business as well as broadening the audience with new followers. Using their social media presence as a useful tool PBN has also extensively promoted the event and encouraged registration.

The Result

As the event grows closer PBN’s presence across their social media platforms has become collateral for the event to inform and inspire attendees. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will all be integrated to PBN2014 functioning as yet another way attendees can increase their participation with the event and connect with not only the Pharmacy Guild of Australia but their broader community of pharmacists and business owners.


Sometimes magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect.

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