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How Shine On Used Social Media Platforms
To Increase Their Engagement With Customers

Shine On has been helping Australian businesses become more energy efficient since 2009.
Shine On provide LED lighting solutions to replace old inefficient halogen, metal halide and incandescent lighting.

Justin Cohen Marketing Manager at Retail Directions

James Johnson
Shine On Solar

Aston Social have really helped to improve our social media presence and our account manager, Ellen has been exceptional. Highly recommend.

Shine On Social Media Marketing
Case Study Challenges at Aston Social

The Challenge

Amplify on existing success.

An already successful business, Shine On wanted to take their marketing efforts more seriously and branch out to other platforms, both traditional and digital, including social media. Recognised as part of the sales funnel, Shine On understood that social media is a support act to a routine and diligent sales program – which they already undertook.

In the world of Business-to-Business sales, marketing often plays support act, proving value of certain marketing activities can be difficult. Although the Shine On team were already very much aware of this challenge, providing and publishing content that goes to as many eyes as possible whilst also sharing valuable and relevant information was always going to be a challenge.

Case Study Strategy at Aston Social

The Strategy

Happy clients and great products.

As a business, two of Shine On’s key strengths are their unique product offering and the routinely happy clients they have. These two elements were to become the backbone of Shine Ons social media strategy. Impressive product photography that spark interest combined with the smiling happy faces of both customers and staff were to help bump Shine On’s social media profile above the rest.

Shine On Social Media Strategy
Social Media Management for Shine On
Case Study Results at Aston Social

The Result

Results that don’t lie.

Again, the results speak for themselves. In the ever so challenging environments of both LinkedIn and Twitter, Shine On’s presence continually grew. A KPI for Shine On was and is always the number of eyeballs that have seen their content/brand name. With a limited yet targeted ad spend, Shine On routinely achieves monthly views well in excess of what a television advert placement would bring and for less than 1/10th of the cost.

100,000’s of impressions each month.


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