Engaging with your audience is the first step towards making sure that your audience will not forget about you. There are a lot of social media accounts that are not thriving because they do not know how to engage their audience.

This article aims to provide seven ways to keep a business engaged with its audience.

What Does Engaging Your Audience Mean?

Engaging your audience is when your audience leaves you with comments, reviews, and even some likes and shares.  When a business is able to engage its audience, it is able to share valuable information with them and the business is remembered by its audience.

What Are The Seven Ways To Engage Your Audience?

There are seven ways that a business can engage its audience and use the right level of social media management.

  1. Know what your audience loves and share more of that. Google Analytics and Facebook Business can help you discern the posts that work for your business and the ones that do not. You should know what your audience loves and share more of that in order to keep them engaged with your posts. To do this, there are three things that you should keep in mind:
  • Your audience’s taste varies so you should cover a range of options when posting.
  • To know your audience, you can ask them directly. Questions like, did you like our recent post? Or what interests you more with this post? Are ways to engage and gain information?
  • You should commit to a personality and stay with it.


  1. Address the problems that your posts may have. When you know your audience, you can ask them why some of your posts are not clicking as much as the others. Your social media rankings are one thing but your social media engagement is another and you should focus on both of these things.


  1. You should share information about your industry so your audience will know more about it. There are a lot of ways that individuals can understand more about a business. These individuals can do research. They can ask around.  They can check out your competition as well.  However, the best way to keep your audience engaged is to make sure that you will be the one to share posts and information that is important to them.  This is the way to ensure that your potential clients do not look elsewhere.


  1. Show your audience how to do something. Do it yourself videos and videos on how to make things are a great way to engage your audience. This is done by making videos that will answer their questions even when they are not asking. This is also a great way of making some money in YouTube and other social media platforms such as Instagram. These platforms pay for every engagement.


  1. Encourage and inspire when possible. Your audience does not always need to learn about your product.  You do not always need to sell them on things. Your audience needs a break from business pitches; so you should learn how to inspire and encourage them.  When your audience feels encouraged by your posts, they will definitely follow you.  They will rely on you to give them encouragement.  Hence, the audience is more relaxed and they will feel at home with your business and your page.


  1. Answer all questions publicly but address opinions privately. You need to know how to handle feedback, review, and questions. The best way to handle questions is to answer them publicly so people with the same questions will be answered. On the other hand, the social media trolls should be addressed privately so that you do not engage them.


Public question and answer

  • Question: What are your business hours?
  • Answer: Hi! Our business hours are from 8 am to 5 pm.

Private reactions:

  • Audience: I do not like this post.
  • Public Answer: Thank you for your feedback! We have sent you a private message so we can better address your concerns.
  • Private Answer: Hi! We are very concerned with your comment and we would like to know why you do not like our post. Can you help us address this?


  1. Share your own thoughts and insights. You also need to share your own thoughts and insights so your audience knows where you stand on things. This will also engage those of the same opinions and inform you of those people who have different ideas.


Final Tip

One last thing to remember! Engaging the audience is a 24 hour job.  You should have the passion to commit to the social media strategy that you have utilized and follow through.  The most important thing that a business can do for its social media rankings is to commit towards a ranking that works.