Social Media has become the place for one’s self-expression.  For businesses, social media provides a way of advertising that cannot be matched by all other platforms.  It reaches the market in a more targeted way.  For some businesses, social media reaches a market that the business owners did not even know they had.

Social media is all about fun but LinkedIn is a different kind of social media platform altogether.  The social media strategy that it requires shows a different way of marketing.  How does one market his business in a professional manner?  How does one gain professional contacts?  LinkedIn aims to provide the answer to this

It is necessary that businesses know how they can use their social media strategy in such a way that LinkedIn will be properly utilised as well.  In this article, Aston Social aims to provide 9 tips on how a business can make sure that they have a professional profile on LinkedIn.

What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals. It is considered as the marketplace for professionals who want to show off their skills and their work achievements. LinkedIn is the best social media platform for those who want to reach a more professional market.

9 Ways for a Professional LinkedIn Profile

For those who are experienced with LinkedIn and even those who are not, here are 9 ways to create a more professional LinkedIn Profile.

  1. Think of the platform as a professional resume that you post in public and online. When you do so, you are able to make your profile look more professional and you should not lose sight of what your goal is.  For example, if you are a licensed psychiatrist with a lot of awards, your LinkedIn profile should include that you are licensed and a listing of your achievements.
  2. Do not skimp on your photo. It may seem like social media is the place that you can post your photos and everything that you want but LinkedIn is not.  Do not skimp on your photo.  Your profile photo should have the following characteristics:
  • Professional looking
  • Recent photo
  • High-quality resolution
  1. Review Your Profile Before Posting. Once a mistake is out there, your name is already tainted.  Make sure that your profile does not have any mistakes and does not have any grammatical errors as one letter misplaced may cost you a client or two.
  2. Get Recommended. Ask previous clients to write a testimonial about you, get yourself recommended by your peers.  Make sure that you have the good things about you shown to the world as this will assist you to actually get noticed.
  3. List Your Achievements. Your social media strategy with LinkedIn allows you to brag about your achievements and share your experiences with the world without sounding like you are just showing off.
  4. Create a custom URL. If you want to look professional you must have a custom URL.  Your LinkedIn profile acts as your website so having it professionally customized to fit your needs would be the best thing that you can do.
  5. Do not miss out on information. Fill out everything that you can as this allows your potential clients to get to know you more.  Never miss a chance to fill out some information that will promote you and your business.
  6. Use long summaries. Summaries may be brief but a professional summary is not.  If you are aiming at getting a good ranking for your LinkedIn account you should learn how to use long summaries.
  7. Always be honest. Always be honest and make sure that you do not misrepresent. Being dishonest on LinkedIn is like misrepresentation on your resume. An accurate, honest LinkedIn profile will always be a better promotion for you and your business.

The Best Way to Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Alive

In conclusion, the best way to keep your LinkedIn profile alive is to continually update it.  Change your profile photo every six months.  Use information relevant to the market that you are trying to reach and always make sure that you are getting your message across – that you are a professional and you can help any potential client out there.

Final Tip

In the end, it is important for businesses to ensure that they have LinkedIn as their social media strategy.  With the help of this social media platform, that allows professionals to display their achievements, you and your business will always present professionally.  In the process, businesses and individuals can achieve success with this social media platform.