Now that the New Year is here, it is time to get some serious work done.  If you have not considered email marketing in the past, then maybe it is time to do so and see what happens.

What is email marketing?  Email marketing is considered as the most effective way to reach a consumer.  Since the emails directly go into a person’s inbox and the business is sure that he would get the message across.

On this day and age of social media and other different kinds of marketing, why is email marketing still a part of our daily lives?

Here at Aston Social, we love answering questions so let us give you a little bit of a background.

  1. Email marketing gives you the chance to share updates, promotions and news about your business in a short and simple way.

Do you have a sale coming up?  Are you launching a new product soon? Are you beginning your work on some new developments?  Well, it may be time to inform the audience that you have some new products coming up.

Email marketing does just that. The client is informed of everything that is going on with the business.

  1. Email marketing is all about targeting the right audience.

There are a lot of email marketing platforms that have been launched around the world.  From Mail Chimp to others, they all have one thing in common: They allow you to target the market based on demographic and based on how you want to target them.  So no word would ever come to waste because every person you send an email to has a say and is part of the audience that you really want to capture.

  1. Email marketing helps generate sales.

Email marketing is a tried and tested way of getting sales. The present hype on online shopping is all because of email marketing.

Imagine this, you think to yourself that you want some new clothes, you do not have the time to spend hours shopping on stores but you have the time to sit on your couch and browse while you sip that cup of cold brew.  You then get an email from Amazon or whatever shop you desire and they tell you that they are on sale or that a new collection has come. What do you do? You go and browse of course. We guarantee that 80% of the time you would end up buying something.

Aston Social knows this as a fact and with email marketing, even if you are not Amazon or a famous physical store, you can still generate sales by reminding your readers that you actually exist. Now, that is something that you should really learn from.

Do you want to learn more about why email marketing is right for your business and how to leverage it to transform the way you market to your consumer? Aston Social can definitely help you get on the right track.