The very first weapon that online businesses have is their website. Efforts on search engine optimization and all kinds of internet marketing would be useless if the website would not have the requirements of the market.
Websites come in all shapes and sizes, and since it is your storefront, keeping it customer friendly will beneficial for you. Websites can be informational, interactive, transactional, collaborative or even social oriented, and your goal is to create a website that solely represents the product and service you offer. You have a very limited time to catch someone’s attention so better take advantage of it or else, you may not be seen.

You no longer need to be a tech geek in order to design your own website and to put contents needed in it. There are a lot of website builders created so you can work on your own without knowing any code.

It may be very hard in the past but now, by keeping in mind important things you need to consider, rest assured, you are good to go in creating a user-friendly website. As a customer yourself, you want to have a simple website giving you the options on how to avail services or buy products, how to easily learn more about it and lastly how to provide feedback in case you are satisfied or dissatisfied. Knowing these things will ensure your customers that you know well about them and their needs.

Creating your website may take a while but once you have done it, all you have to do is to keep it up to date and maintain it. Always remember to keep your website simple and present it in a way of letting your customers you are making it for them, you know how they think and you know what they need. Do not be afraid of customizing or frequently updating your website. Practice develops your skills, and the more you do it, you are presenting yourself to your customer as a flexible and reliable business owner to work with.

With that in mind, there are three things that you need to keep in mind for proper search engine optimization of your website. First, you need to get your logo right. Second, you need to create content that sells. Finally, you need to constantly update your website.

Getting the right Company Logo

Having the right logo will definitely get you the right customers as well. Not only because what you have is unique from others but also because studies have been made that proved companies with appropriate logo had their success. Due to high competition with other companies, your logo will draw more people to learn more about your company and with this, you already had an edge. The logo is something that will show people what your company is about, what your message is and how you want the public to associate you.

Before making any moves in choosing your logo, you have to first consider the budget you will be working on to make sure you will not compromise nor overspend as well. You will be able to look for the best-fit idea and materials knowing what your limit is. You should also know your company well to ensure the definition you are giving is the same as how other members define it. Once you have launched your logo, you will be asked a lot of questions about how you were able to come up with a certain idea or the like. Be prepared and make sure your answer is everyone’s answer as well.

You will also gain loyalty from customers by just having a great logo. Studies have shown that even if other companies offer things you may not have, your customers will always be loyal by just embracing your message to them. In getting your logo, you have to avoid few things such as associating it with any religious icons or even flags to ensure you are a neutral company. You can just use simple colors that can highlight everything you want your customers to know about you and also avoid using a face of a living person.

Writing Content That Sells

The product that you represent would depend on you so make sure to write everything you want to say without a single word wasted. Writing a good and solid content sale takes a lot of practice and you know it can be tough. In search engine optimization, content is king.

The good thing is, once you mastered doing this, it is a beneficial business skill you can always rely on. So, in writing your copy, the two most important thing you have to remember would be, avoiding the most common copywriting mistakes committed and writing a copy that is easy to read. By doing this, you can tell the whole story in a lean business-oriented presentation.

In writing content, you have to make sure you put yourself into your consumer’s shoes and ask yourself, “What do I need? And how will I get it?” By doing so, you can start researching and profiling your prospective customers. You have to understand and know your consumer so that you know how to better even best serve them. Never assume that your customer will easily understand the benefits of your service so you have to tell them. Most of them are basically looking for solutions to a certain problem and that is where you enter letting them know about your product.

Studies show that it is important to catch your prospective customer’s attention by using unique headlines and presenting the solution and benefits of your service or product in your first paragraph. Not all people are willing to read a long story especially if it is in front of a computer. Be very wise, specific and straightforward with your copy and do not forget to use credible testimonials your customers can hold on to.

Finally, remember that you need to constantly update your website. Your posts should not be months apart. Your main goal is to gather your customers and let them know about your product in a simple but very informative and easy way.

No matter how well the design and the plan is for your campaign, if customers do not understand your words, it will not make your customers stay. Do not forget to walk them through the selling process up until the moment they will make a purchase. Your website should be easy to understand and easy to use.