It is no question that social media is one of the key ingredients in leveraging businesses successfully, especially during this time of the digital information age. Here is a list of useful tips for building an effective social media marketing strategy for your business goals.

1. Optimise your business profile

There are instances when miscommunication and misunderstanding occurs, especially when your business profile information is not consistent enough throughout different social media platforms. These are situations where customers start to question the integrity or credibility of your business.

Whether it’s on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram, make sure that you keep all business profile information exactly the same to help build trust and avoid confusion with customers.

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Information to optimise on your business profile are:

  • Business or Company profile photo

  • Description about your business or company

  • Services being offered

  • Office address

  • Email address

  • Telephone number

  • Website link

A well-optimised business profile will significantly increase trust and credibility. It will also establish a good impression which drive viewers engagement to your social media marketing goals!

2. Competitive Analysis

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Not understanding your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses in contrast to your own business can initiate a gap negatively, and can also impact the effectiveness of your social media marketing.

By researching your competitors on how they market, will help how you can enhance your own business strategy, which leads not only to better customer targeting, but to also to improve customer acquisition .

Tips in researching and analysing your competitors:

  • Identify which social media platforms your competitors use

  • Identify your competitor’s followers in social media channels
  • Understand the services they offer to help you strategise

  • Understand your competitor’s target audience

  • Compare your competitor’s information against each other to acquire significant data for strategising

  • See what kind of posts they publish and what hashtags they use

Analysing your competitor’s data will help you discover potential threats. It will also give you a clear direction in how to build your social media marketing strategy effectively, define your content streams, and detail your measurement framework.

3. Conducting regular audits

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Social media is continuously evolving. Ensuring that you are consistently in track with how your social media marketing performs, it is a best practice to conduct audits periodically.

By conducting performance audit based on the the elements or “Three E’s” of audit – Economy, Efficiency & Effectiveness, this will help you setup your upcoming strategy for your marketing goals.

Conducting audits periodically also helps you identify our KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) which indicates how your marketing strategy is performing. This will be also the part where you will be able to define

Tips in conducting audits:

  • Track down all your social media accounts

  • Define the scope of your audit

  • Identify threats

  • Determine the areas that requires improvement

  • Take note of the high performing aspects of your social media marketing strategy

  • Evaluate potential risks

  • Allocate and analyse your marketing budget

Conducting audits helps your business re-evaluate your social media marketing goals. An audit will also show data about how well your marketing campaign is performing, what are the areas should be changed or improved, and what should be prioritised going forward.

4. Maintaining your own brand voice and tone

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Having a unique brand voice and tone represents how you communicate with your audience. It can also immediately help identify which target audience fits with your business. Plus enforcing your brand’s core values often establishes trust, which eventually having customers to most likely doing business with you!

Tips in enforcing your brand through your social media marketing strategy:

  • Use marketing imagery the reflect your brand’s tone and character

  • Use the same colour schemes from your brand logo for your digital or physical marketing materials

  • Maintain a consistent emotional tone when communicating your business to customers

  • Maintain your brand’s persona

  • Keep a consistent pattern in terms of vocabulary

The voice and tone reflects the personality, goals and expertise of your brand, which makes a lasting impression on potential customers. It is what will separate your business and from other competitors!

5. Stay updated

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Successful businesses keeps it a habit by staying informed on the latest trends, which helps them to keep connected with the audience at present. It can also you identify the direction of your social media strategy and kind of content you need to compose for your marketing campaign.

Tips in implementing social media marketing strategy by staying updated:

  • Post topics about the latest news to your social media channels that is related to your business industry

  • Establish a live stream video feed on your social media channels about the latest happenings in your business

  • Create and post infographics about quick statistics on relevant information prior to your business industry

Staying updated opens opportunities for what your next business goals would be, and at the same time making sure you are always connecting with your audience.

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