In-House Digital Marketer or External Advertising Agency ?

The Internet is here to stay and any one who ignores that is pretty much living in the dark ages. It’s not exactly new news that a business needs a website and Facebook is pretty pivotal these days.

For those businesses who are on board and embracing digital marketing with all it’s benefits, there comes a time to decide how they’re going to do it. The increasing pressure to minimise marketing budgets along with the competition between offline and online spends, means that even the most savvy of marketing managers has to choose their path carefully.

So the modern day marketing manager have been faced with two options, hire an internal digital strategist or work with a specialist digital agency.

In-house Marketer or External Agency

Option 1: In-house Digital Marketer

Hop onto Seek and find yourself a digital marketer to either contract or permanently employ as part of your marketing team.

Once you’ve got your new team member on board, some of the benefits you can enjoy include:

–       Someone who knows your business inside out.

–       They’re there all the time, so you can contact and keep track of them easily.

–       The knowledge they bring will help your team learn about digital more broadly.

But, there can be downsides, like:

–       They’ll have some areas of digital that they’re strong in, other parts they’ll be weak in.

–       They’re almost always more expensive than an external agency.

–       A lack of extreme accountability can mean more hands on management is required.

Option 2: External Digital Advertising Agency

Getting on board with an external digital agency can mean that you’ll get started quickly and at a lower cost base with the ability to scale much faster. You can ask for more with a more broad reaching mandate much more quickly due to the commercial imperative of keeping your business!

Agency’s typically have a range of specialists working on different areas of digital marketing which means you get the benefit of a range of skills, usually resulting in a better quality output.

Some of the downsides:

  • If your agency don’t take the time to understand your business that can lead you to issues.
  • It’s easy to find an ‘expert’. It’s hard to find a real expert.
  • Commercial interests can override your own commercial interests.

Taking that into account, here’s the good bits:

  • The agency REALLY know digital and how to help you make money from it.
  • They can create good strategies and help you execute them fast.
  • Typically they have access to a much broader range of data and experience that crosses other businesses and industries, ultimately leading to skills and knowledge you can benefit from.

Of course both options have their good and bad parts and it’s up to the individual marketer to work out what’s most important to them. In either circumstance though, it’s important to know that you’re working with someone who ‘gets it’, someone who believes in your vision for your business and is motivated – both financially and emotionally – to get the job done right.

It’s always important to remember that nothing is permanent, if you start off down one path you can switch and switch fast, such is the beauty of the online world!