Many of our clients have asked this and we decided to finally address it.  

The recent trend of marketing, specially the aggressive ones, is to make use of bloggers to collaborate with and share ideas with.  For makeup brands, there are makeup collaborations. For online businesses, there are idea collaborations. For YouTube stars, there are product placements on video collaborations.

Did we overuse the word ‘collaboration’?  This is because we cannot stress enough how deeply bloggers and businesses have collaborated to make some products become what they are today.

Have you seen new brands that you do not know where they came from and they just came into your life all of a sudden?  That is probably because of influencer marketing.

So, to answer the question: Do I really need bloggers to talk about my business?   The answer is a resounding YES.

Let us tell you why we, at Aston Social, believe in the use of bloggers

  1. Bloggers have a diverse following

Since everyone now has access to the internet and everybody now wants to make sure that they will get the content that they want when they demand it, bloggers who have what they want are really in demand. Bloggers have followers from all walks of life and all ages so it is impossible not to have even just a certain percentage of a company’s target market.

Pro-tip: Bloggers still have their own brand so make sure that you choose one that fits yours.

  1. People actually listen to them

Bloggers are idolized by their audience especially the young crowd.  They would not visit their pages if they did not admire them in the first place.  According to a recent study, around 32% of people who have seen product placements on blogs purchase based on the recommendation so you know that people actually listen.

  1. Bloggers market using their own unique style

We can say everything that we want to say about bloggers but they are certainly unique and they stay true to their brand.  When collaborating with bloggers, expect that they would make something out of your product that you did not even expect. They would even stay on your brand without any issues and problems.

  1. They get readers to stick with you

The right blogger will bring the right people and the right people will bring the right sales.  It is just common knowledge that when bloggers use your brand, their audience will always have a tendency to do the same.

  1. Blogger marketing is 90% sure

There are people who cannot accept this but this is the reality of marketing now, bloggers are fast becoming the bread and butter that connects the product to the client. Hence, if you want to do marketing that is direct to the market.  This technique is for you.

Aston Social is all about what a client wants.  We can help you reach out to the bloggers that you want and help you get that much needed branding that you deserve. Contact us and see  where blogger marketing takes your business.