In the world of 5G technology, online shopping and selling are one of the most efficient and practical ways to run a business. In order to embark upon the eCommerce journey, it is essential to pick the best platform to set up your store. There are plenty of online shopping platforms with different features and incentives. In such a diversified atmosphere, choosing what is best for you is critical.

In 2022, WooCommerce currently holds about 28% of all online stores, while Shopify has approximately 11% of all the online stores. This article will discuss and compare the two popular eCommerce platforms describing their features and advantages.

1. Ease of Use

Any business owner’s top priority is spending as much time as possible on essential business matters. Taking care of customers’ concerns, tracking and disposing off of orders, and maintaining stock in your store. For these situations, the easiness of the platform is vital.

WooCommerce Vs Shopify - Aston Social Digital Marketing Melbourne

Ease of use features of Shopify and WooCommerce:

  • Shopify is beginner-friendly
  • WooCommerce gives the best experience for intermediate-level businesses

  • Shopify provides great customer care through its live chat option

  • WooCommerce allows you to customize your store as much as you want

  • Shopify allows you to use templates to set up your store

  • WooCommerce configured through WordPress offers a lot of custom features based on your business needs.

Ease of use is critical to the success of closing a sale or deal for your online store. So it’s wise to pick which one would suit your business the best when picking an eCommerce platform.

2. Account Subscription

Creating an account or purchasing an account subscription and its related matter like costs are one of the most important areas to consider for eCommerce owners. The upfront costs, and operation costs are important variables to keep in mind.

Shopify Vs WooCommerce - Aston Social Digital Marketing Melbourne

Account subscription features for Shopify and WooCommerce:

  • Shopify offers three kinds of plans, the basic costs $29, the intermediate plan is $79, and the advanced plan costs $299 per month.
  • All the plans come with SSL certificates and web hosting

  • The basic plan comes with unlimited products, two user accounts, and unlimited storage

  • WooCommerce charges separately for a domain name, SSL Certificate, and web hosting. They cost $14.99, $69.99 and $7.99 respectively. While having a WooCommerce configured with WordPress is free of charge. You will just need to pay for your web hosting separately.

Subscription-based pricing often attracts more business owners, while one time payment subscription might be a bit limiting in terms of support from the platform developer. This applies if you are going to manage your budget spend for spending for your eCommerce platform.

3. Payment Methods

There are various payment methods to choose from. There are situations where some payment methods are unsuitable for you while some are not feasible for your customers. So, it is important to choose a suitable platform for both.

Shopify Vs WooCommerce 2022 - Aston Social Digital Marketing Melbourne

Payment method features for Shopify and WooCommerce:

  • In addition to other payments, Shopify has its own payment method, Shopify Payments

  • Shopify charges 2 percent (2%) for each transaction through a third-party gateway.

  • WooCommerce default payment methods are PayPal and Stripe. It also has its own payment method, WooCommerce Payment. If you have a WordPress/WooCommerce then you can implement several payment options which are mostly what’s available on the market at the moment.

  • WooCommerce does not charge any transaction fee

Having a flexible payment option removes the hassle from customers and improve the conversion of sales.

4. Scalability & Robustness

As your business grows, you need easy ways to expand your storage and increase leverage in an online business. You need more resources to handle the upcoming challenges. WooCommerce and Shopify have different ways in providing these required resources.

Shopify vs WooCommerce 2022 - Aston Social Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne

Scalability & Robustness Features for Shopify and WooCommerce:

  • Shopify handles all the technical details and takes care of scalability, security, and your performance.

  • Shopify also offers enterprise services.

  • WooCommerce makes every store owner responsible for his growing business needs.

  • As your store grows on WooCommerce, you will run out of space, for which you need to handle it separately.

Scalability is important for a businss owner as this helps retain the quality of your product/services while your business expands.

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