Ellen Roumeliotis

Ellen Roumeliotis

Senior Account Manager

Ellen Roumeliotis


You’d never guess when looking at Ellen that she is an avid sports fan ready to scream at the umpires and put everyone else’s sport trivia knowledge to shame.

She’s the perfect combination of smart, kind and sassy with never a shortage of ideas to contribute.

With a strong background in journalism and array of experience to boot, Ellen knows a story when she sees one. Without a full-stop or comma out of place our favourite grammar inspector ensures every written word has it’s place and delivers the message meaningfully.

Ellen’s organisation, motivation and determination means she always delivers the highest quality work, even to tight deadlines.

Qualifications and Experience


Ellen is formally qualified from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Journalism (Sport). Given that her major was in sports, she spent time learning how the sporting world worked and more importantly how to write about it.

Industry Experience

Spending time in many internships and volunteer positions with sporting organisations or groups that support a sport such as the AFL Players association, Ellen has a keen eye for a story and an even better eye on how to make the story right, whilst avoiding any controversy.

Expanding out of that field her early days with Aston Social exposed her to everything from pharmacy chains to technology to restaurants, even automotive brands were thrown in there. With the promise of looking after Hockey Victoria’s brand for quite a period of time, Ellen grew not only her love of sports but also an enthusiasm for other industries and brands.

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