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everything you need to know about social media management to improve your brand

Social media management is involves our team getting to know your business and through development of a social media strategy, creating and publishing content that aligns with your business and business objectives.

Social media marketing is a strategic way of promoting your brand, product or service online. It helps get your name in front of the right people.

Akin to Google AdWords, most social media advertising platforms work on a ‘Pay-per- Click’ or a ‘Pay-per- Impression’ basis. You’re only charged for what you get, as opposed to the likes of television where the advertising reach is an estimate based on polling.

A social media influencer reaches consumers on your behalf using their blogs and social media networks. Typically a social media influencer has access to a large audience and can easily persuade with their authenticity and reach.

A social media strategy, whether it be big or small, is necessary to help you define how your brand will create an environment for fostering social connection whilst also increasing revenues. Social Media Strategy is the process of developing what content you need to use to engage your audience, defining who your audience is and how you will attract them.

The key to growing your Instagram following is to engage with other peoples content. Like, follow and comment on other people or other brands content, including commenting on the comments that other people leave on large brands content.

Following this procedure routinely will progressively grow your followers.

Creating Social Media content costs between $38 and $80 per post, depending on the frequency, the source of the content and the style, EG whether it’s image, video, text, etc…
Ideally as often as you can. The more successful social media profiles are posting between 2 and 5 times per day – that is a reasonable amount.

In some circumstances businesses believe there is no value in posting that much for them, so they post less. That is ok, but with the decreased volume there is a decreased reach and effectiveness.

This typically depends on who your target audience is. For example, if it’s more consumer focused, you may want to be on Facebook and Instagram. If it’s more business, then LinkedIn is good. If it’s younger, TikTok and Snapchat are better, if it’s older then Facebook.

It all depends on who your target audience is.

Not necessarily, but it is important to have nicely graphically designed content. The better your content looks, the better it will work.
Yes. It is supremely important and it is the most effective form of content on Social Media today.
Social Media Advertising is complex and varies depending on which platform you’re using. The easiest way to launch into Social Media Advertising is to use the respective platforms ‘wizard’ and follow the prompts to setup your first campaign. They usually provide you with enough information to setup a rudimentary campaign with ease.
This is best done with Social Media Advertising. Most platforms, particularly Facebook and Instagram offer excellent integration with all the major ecommerce platforms. Which means that you can setup your ad account, plug it into your ecommerce site and then your products will automatically be listed on Social Media!
Yes. This is paramount. Not responding to comments on your social media content is akin to not answering your telephone.
This all depends on where your target audience is. Following the same rule above regarding content, who your target audience is will determine where you should advertise.
You will need an email marketing system to do email marketing. Such systems include MailChimp, Active Campaign, HubSpot and others. Once you have a system, then you import your contact list and create your first email. You can then test the draft, schedule the campaign and send! Once sent you can then see your open rates.
EDM stands for Electronic Direct Mail, which in reality means email marketing.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, the process of improving a website such that it is better interpreted by the search engines and thus begins to rank better.
Yes. In almost all cases, SEO is very important. Most website visitors will search for a website using Google or Bing before actually arriving at the website, even if they already know the name of the website.

For example, they will type “Your company name” into google rather than typing into the search bar.

This is very much an open ended question as it depends on what you’re selling, who you’re selling to and how competitive your industry is. Typically speaking SEO costs between $1,000 and $5,000 per month, including an array of different services that work together to improve your ranking.
SEO is a continual ongoing process, it’s not something that you do once and forget. This is because consumer behaviour is continually changing, your competitors are continually changing, search engines continually change their rules AND each search engine gives preference to a website that has new content on it.
This starts with doing an initial optimisation of your website to get it to be read by Google. The better your website is read by Google, the higher it will rank in search results.
Google Adwords is the advertising platform for Google Search. Denoted by the yellow “ad” symbol, Google Adwords almost always appear at the top of a search page and are completely unaffected by your search ranking.
No, it is not mandatory. Google Adwords is expensive and can consume a lot of money very quickly for little return. A good search engine ranking (SEO) is often markedly more effective than an Adwords campaign.
A website is a series of pieces of content available on the internet accessible by what it is commonly referred to as a web browser. A website contains text, images, videos and multiple ‘pages’ as a brochure may have, for you to be able to share your message and your offer with your website visitors.
CMS stands for Content Management System, a platform that will generate a website for you and allow you to maintain (make changes to) it.
Wordpress is the largest and most well known CMS in the world. It’s popularity originally came from the blogging platform where it was available to everyone to create their own free website. Many people started using those blogs as websites and thus the CMS platform you now know as WordPress was born.
First off you must install wordpress on a chosen hosting platform. This would be something like WPengine, Siteground or any number of other hosts. Once your wordpress install is live, you can then choose a theme, install that theme and begin to customise the pages in your website.
A wordpress template or theme is a series of styling and design layouts pre-created for you to install into a blank wordpress site. This theme does not contain content that you use, but rather the structure, styling, design and layout of the site and pages.
Well of course you can. Then you can set about configuring that template to be the way you want it, making all the colour and styling changes that aren’t quite the way you want them to be and then uploading all the content into it, and making sure it’s right.

Sure, you can just use a template.

You use the back end editor of WordPress commonly referred to as the WordPress Admin. In here you have full access to all the pages, posts and any other content types that your theme uses.

You can edit all the content in the admin section and you can even create new content as you go.

Really what you want to do is upload your videos to a hosting platform such as YouTube or Vimeo. Once your video is there, you can then embed it into your website. It’ll load much faster and it will also give you an SEO benefit.

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