All businesses that want to succeed must have three main ingredients – a good product, good customer relations, and a good website.

People will not believe this, but according to recent studies, 67.8% of clients never start a business with a company that has no real online presence aka the website.  Why? The main reason according to the same survey is because when the client cannot make a comment on the service that cannot be made public they think that they will be ripped off.  

This is why a lot of review websites boomed back in 2015.  Yelp, for example, is filled with customer reviews that are just dying to be read by customers.

So, in order to get clients, one would need a website but in order to keep the clients, one must have a great website that would show their authority and the quality of the business that they offer.

What are the qualities that make a good website?

The following are definitely present:

  1. A quality website is navigable

An average client will only spend 15 seconds on a website.  So this means that in 15 seconds, the client must be able to do the following things:

  • Know what the business is all about.
  • Know what the product is.
  • Know how to contact the business.
  • Know how to link to the business profiles and social media accounts of the business.

As such, the business website must be easy to navigate.  It must not take a long time to respond to servers because clients think that when a website is not friendly, so would the customer relations be.

  1. It should be responsive to all platforms

There are now a lot of different ways to surf the internet.  Most people still prefer to browse over the PC but there are now those who would prefer to go over a website in a gadget and mobile device. A website must also be able to adjust to whatever gadget the client is using because chances are that if the website is non-responsive, the client would be non-responsive to making business as well.

  1. It must have great content

Getting clients may be fairly less demanding than keeping them.  This is where the business must make sure that they have great content, such as this one.  The qualities of good content are the following:

  • Short – no more than 2000 words
  • Concise – should be more or less 500 words to get a message across
  • Informative – must have facts
  • Entertaining – must be conversational
  1. Linked to Social Media

As discussed above, the website must also link to whatever social media accounts are being used by the company.  Social media accounts allow the clients and potential clients to have an overview of how business is done and how active the business is.

Also, when the client connects via social media and the business actively posts, it is impossible that he or she will ever forget about the business.

Is your business in need of a new website? Whether you are starting from scratch or are wanting to update your current site, get in touch with Aston Social Co today and we can create the perfect website and content to suit your business. If not, we can always guide you initially on how to get things going for your business.  After all, we are a community.