Are you finding it hard to build your email list? Difficult to get people on board with all the important and interesting content that you have? Love to turn those social media followers into loyal customers? Well, it’s not all smoke and mirrors.

Here are some of the top ways to build your email database list through social media

Provide an incentive to those who subscribe

Give people a real reason to join. Yeah sure your content might be interesting, but why should I join? Well how about offering something a little more than just your wonderful content. After all, people are providing you with their precious email address – which these days often is a trade-able value – so why don’t you offer them something in return?

Often E-commerce websites will offer a discount on the next purchase, something like 10% or 20% for signing up. Obviously that’s not always possible so how about offering them a free sample or something or some sort of exclusive content, maybe even a consulting session or two.

Remember, the email address is a precious commodity these days, treat it carefully.

Email only offers

Give people something that they can only get via email. Give them some sort of exclusive content, how to guides or news they can’t get elsewhere. Maybe even the release of an e-book or some sort of pre-access to an exclusive sale.

People love to feel important and giving your subscribers the VIP access will help that immensely. Having exclusive access to a ‘thing’ means people might want to be sharing it with their family and friends. They get to look good because they are ‘sharing’ something valuable with their friends. It’s a win win really.

It also becomes a method for you to add to your subscriber list on your email database by sharing this exclusivity on your social media channels. Let people know of this exclusive deal on every channel you have!

Run a competition

Of course you’ve heard about running competitions on Facebook and more recently on Instagram. But how about running the same thing via your email list? It’s a great way of getting people to add themselves to your email database through social media.

Promote the competition on your social media channels but then run the competition via a number of emails strategically released over the course of a few weeks. Then the winner is selected via some mechanism that you’ve chosen.

You can encourage people to join your email database by sharing the competition on your Facebook page and other social media channels. Maybe even if they share the competition they might get an additional entry or two for doing so!

Implement a Facebook sign-up button

This seems like an obvious one, but if you haven’t already got a sign-up button on your Facebook page and your website you should do it! It’s a really easy one to get people to click on to then sign up on your website landing page.

Thanks to how Facebook lays out your page, the sign-up button is front and center at the top of your page. Makes it nice and easy for people to see!

The list goes on…

This is but the start of the list of possible ways to get your email database filled through social media. Some more technically complex methods can be Facebook lead forms and Opengraph integration.

If you’d like to have some of this done for you or perhaps get some training on how, gives us a call today on 1300 29 77 16!