Social media marketing is quite literally the process of marketing your business on social media. Gaining traffic, attention, brand awareness and ultimately sales, on social media.

The term ‘social media’ encompasses many different social actions. Take Twitter for example – it is a social platform designed to allow people to share short messages or ‘tweets’ with others all over the world. Facebook, in contrast, is a much broader social networking site where people can share life updates, photos, events, privately message friends and so much more.

Are Search & Social Media Marketing related?

Yes, they are absolutely related and should be used together to maximise benefit! However, it is important to note that search and social media marketing are also quite unique, they require a certain level of expertise to ensure you’re getting the most value.

Increasingly we are seeing the effect of social media rapidly speeding up the rate at which people are discovering new content, such as blog and news articles. It’s so easy to perform a search on a social media site to find new social media content. This quite simply is a search activity in itself, proving just how intertwined Search Marketing and Social Media Marketing really are.

Social Media Marketing With Aston Social

The team at Aston Social is passionate about using social media strategically to grow your business, brand and overall sales.

Below are just some of the many services Aston Social provide:

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