Sometimes we tend to think that we have marked out all the checklist in our bucket in terms of SEO for our business, but there could be instances that we tend to miss other important elements which makes it hard to gain organic traffic for your business online search visibility, especially on the side of local search strategy.

Here is a list of 3 local SEO mistakes to avoid by businesses.

1. Not having a Google My Business listing

Having a Google My Business profile also increase the chance to engage with your customer. If your business is not listed on Google’s Business Listing, then chances are no one can find your business online or it would be difficult to be seen on search engines.

Most customers also want to look for an up-to-date information about your business too, so having Google My Business is a must. Make sure that you keep your contact information such as telephone number, email address, website link or office hours updated.

Google My Business - Aston Social Digital Marketing Melbourne

Benefits of Google my Business Profile Listing:

  • Increases the chance of your business visibility on search engines

  • Showcases reviews you received from customers

  • Your business could also show up on Google Maps

  • Customers can easily find information about your business

  • It’s free! Plus it’s easy to use.

Local search is a highly important part of a successful digital marketing strategy, so using Google My Business for for your business or company is an essential factor.

2. Not having a responsive design on your business’ website

Responsive Web Design affects SEO in many ways. Not only it improves user experience, but it also makes it easier for the audience to access your website, considering people who search online uses different kinds of devices with different screen sizes and formats.

Your business website needs to work on all screen sizes, otherwise customers will have a hard time to browse and navigate your website, which would lead to an increase in bounce rate or them leaving your website too soon due to poor user experience.

Responsive Website Design - Aston Social Digital Marketing Melbourne

Benefits of having a responsive website for your business:

  • Responsive design is compatible to different screen size, which makes it easier for users to browse your website.

  • Search engines such as Google prioritises websites that are built with responsive design

  • Responsive design loads faster

  • It can increase the chance of lead generation and conversion rate

  • It eliminates compatibility problems with different device screens and web browsers

A responsive design improves the usability of your website, giving your visitors a great user experience, thus resulting to them coming back and visit your website again. and increasing the chance of closing a sale or deal.

3. Not embedding a Google Map to your business profile or website

Google Maps affect your local search algorithm, especially when done correctly. This helps increase your business’s visibility online and is highly beneficial for visitors that is located within your geographic location.

Not using Google Maps would reduce the chance of people finding your when searching online.

Embedding Google Map for your Business Profile - Aston Social Digital Marketing Melbourne

Benefits of using Google Maps for your business:

  • The right audience will come to you, especially in terms of acquiring local leads within your business geographic location.

  • People finds your business quicker

  • People will have an immediate idea where you are located

  • It will be easier to find your contact information by customers

  • Having a verified Google Map for your business increases the credibility and trust

Google Maps draws locals within your geographic location. A lot of people would much prefer to go to a business that is near to them, which is why Google Maps is so important to be a part of your SEO strategy.

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