Buying and selling of goods electronically online has a lot of advantages to offer for businesses who want to grow and earn. That’s why having an online E-commerce platform is one of the best ways in having a successful business. But it is also vital to understand how to reach your audience properly online.

Below are 7 marketing strategies that you could use to improve your eCommerce business.

1. Create original content

They say that content is king, and that is proven to be true in the world of building an online presence. Schedule and create content based on the product or services that you offer and keep it original as much as you can. This will not only give your E-commerce business an edge in having unique content, but it will also acquire credibility and will boost in enforcing your brand.

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Benefits of having an original content:

  • It improves engagement

  • It helps separates your business from other business or brands

  • It makes your business look good online!

Having unique content simple shows that you know your product better than anyone. This also leaves an impression that you are illustrate authority as a leading business in your industry.

2. Optimise your store’s layout

If you have an E-commerce website platform, ensure your visitors doesn’t get lost while browsing your website or product inventory. Optimise the structure of the page where it will be easier for customers to find what they are looking for. This could be in the form of an well-structured product page, along with an intuitive navigation menu, a footer sitemap, or a comprehensive search filtering tool.

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Benefits of optimising your E-commerce platform layout:

  • Improves conversion rate

  • Visitors will have better user navigation experience

  • I will leave a positive impression to customers

A well-optimised layout for your E-commerce page can easily grab a shopper’s attention. While keeping it simple and clean at the same time helps improve conversion rate.

3. Expand your E-commerce outlets

There are many platforms available in the market where you can set up an online store. Whether it’s on Amazon, Google Shop, Shopify, or other E-commerce platform, it is always better to expand your reach. It’s simply having multiple store branches when compared to a physical store, which is always a good thing for marketing your business.

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Benefits of having multiple E-commerce platforms:

  • The more the outlets your business have, the more likely you’ll get sales

  • Recognition value will increase since your business is available on many E-commerce platforms

  • Provides flexibility to customers

Having multiple online store channels for your business improves credibility and flexibility. It will also eliminate the limitations in reaching a wide scope of target audience.

4. Implement Social Media Marketing

It is no doubt that social media is one of the most powerful marketing medium as not only the audience you have will be big, but chances of being successful on your business goals will be within reach!

It will also give you an opportunity to connect with your target audience, while establishing your brand and promoting the products/services you offer.

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Benefits of social media marketing for your E-commerce business:

  • Higher chance of generating leads

  • Boost sales

  • Social media influencers can promote your brand which would drive more traffic to your E-commerce website or platform

With the right social media marketing strategy, your products and services could go viral on social media channels. This will eventually leads to more sales and conversions!

5. Email Marketing

Since the birth of the internet age, up until today, email marketing cannot be beaten. Giving you an opportunity to personalise your message for the target lead, this is one of the most simple and practical method to market and promote your E-commerce business. Try to keep your send-outs promptly to help improve response rates from potential leads.

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Benefits of email marketing:

  • You can directly market your business to your target lead

  • Cheap and cost- effective

  • Easier to track and measure your contacts

Email marketing offers easy data collection and evaluation. This is vital to the success of any upcoming marketing campaigns you have for your E-commerce business!

6. Search Engine Optimisation

Keeping your online store visible through search engines is essential to gain organic traffic and maintain high conversion. Make sure that you have applied proper SEO for your E-commerce platform as this will keep your E-commerce business seen on search results consistently.

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Benefits of having SEO for your E-commerce business:

  • Improves organic traffic

  • Creates brand awareness

  • Helps you engage with your target audience

Search Engine Optimisation plays an integral role in having a successful online presences for your E-commerce business. It will also help your E-commerce site rank higher on search engines.

7. Pay-Per-Click Ads Campaign

Whether it’s on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google, having a pay-per-click campaign will mainly boost your E-commerce store’s online presence and conversion rate. You can also specifically promote particular products or services. Just make sure you allocate enough budget spend to your campaign to achieve all your advertising goals.

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Benefits of PPC:

  • You only pay for the visits you receive

  • The ads reach the target audience accurately

  • You have full control where you want your ad to be shown

PPC is a great tool to grow your customer base. Once you have fine-tune your PPC campaign, it will be very rewarding for your business in the long term.

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