The Right Influencer

Choosing the right influencer is like selecting the right ambassador.  There should always be a sense of responsibility and accessibility that people have when it comes to your influencer.  Your market must connect with whoever is trying to sell your product. Social media optimization has a lot of rules when it comes to choosing things like this because once something has been posted, it is online;  there is no turning back.

Businesses have always had a hard time choosing the right influencer.  There is no clear cut way on how this is done, and people are often confused about which way they will go. Below are seven tips that could help businesses choose the right influencer

Below Are 7 Tips To Choose The Right Influencer

  1. The business must know what the end goal is. What do you want to achieve with influencer marketing? What is it that you think is necessary for the business? What do you think the influencer can contribute to the end goal of the business?  You must know why you need influence in the first place.  Social media strategy is all about that one goal – sales.  However, there are different steps to achieving sales so businesses must know what the goal is for that specific time frame.
  2. Identify the target audience. You need to know how you can identify the target audience. Are you one that has a lot of audience on Instagram? Is your target audience mostly on YouTube?  Knowing your target audience allows you to reach the right market influencer because your social media optimization should be geared towards that target.
  3. Can you afford a lot of influencers or just one with a big reach? Budget is also a concern so you may need to look at the different ways that you can reach the market with the influencers. What kind of setup does each influencer require?  What kind of work will one influencer do that the others cannot?  Always make sure that you are within your budget and work towards that.
  4. Can you easily reach the influencer? Some of the problems of businesses nowadays are that they send products to random bloggers and hope that their products get much-needed air time on that person’s page. The problem is that those influencers are not always keen on posting about products that they have no arrangement with.  Why?    Because they may have already signed contracts with other products that are your competition.
  5. Know the influencer first. Most of the businesses randomly contract influencers. The more successful campaigns are those who already have a relationship with the person before getting into the business. This allows the marketing staff to know how to handle the social media strategy while at the same time it keeps the business in check to make sure that the influencer is a perfect fit for the company and whatever product that it is trying to sell online.
  6. Make sure that you have a neat contract. The online world can be a little bit treacherous, so you should have a strong legal contract to backup your relationship with your influencer. This also allows you to make sure that your rights will be protected and if anyone  tries to snatch your exclusive rights they will be properly dealt with.
  7. Know when to let go of the influencer. The worst thing that a social media manager can do is to keep working with someone who is not promoting your product or when a scandal has damaged the image of the influencers. This is where a strong contract comes in.  If you have watched the recent news, there are now a lot of brands placing morality, political, and even a social clause that allows them to cancel their relationship with the influencer.

Additional Tip:

You should have a robust and clear way of measuring a campaign’s success.  How many likes do you want to achieve?  How many sales pitches should your company receive?  What kind of engagement should the influencer share to demonstrate that business engagement is successful?  Measure it in numerical terms, so you know if you are on the right path or not.

Now that you know how to choose the right influencer, it is time to look at your present influencers and find out if they the right one for you.  Social media marketing is much easier with the right social media influencer.