Peter Layton

Resident Photographer


Peter’s all about the still picture and capturing the moment down the lens. Extensive experience over the years in wedding, modelling, real-estate and corporate photography means Peter has seen it all!

Peter is an Accredited Professional Photographer as recognised by the ACCC. He’s an AIPP Licentiate which means he’s got the important responsibility of reviewing the folios of prospective members of the AIPP, a responsibility only bestowed upon those of the highest professional standard.

A diverse background of business experience and an extended, trusted referral base, Peter has worked with clients including the Australian Catholic University, JG King Homes, Melbourne Dance Theatre Company, Australian Furniture Association and Samson Hill Winery to name just a few.

Some of his craziest work saw him walking of the roof top of Etihad Stadium and crawling through the fuel tank of a Boeing 747!

If you’d like to see Peter’s portfolio if can be viewed here:

Qualifications and Experience


Originally training as a corporate Accountant, Peter has worked through corporations over the years and has extensive experience with the corporate engine.

A member of the AIPP, Peter is an AIPP Licentiate, meaning he’s been bestowed with the responsibility of reviewing and approving other photographers folios for entry to the association.

Industry Experience

Starting off moonlighting as a  photographer alongside his day job, Peter’s reputation rapidly grew and launched him into a fully-fledged career looking down the lens.

Major Projects

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