The top two social media platforms are Facebook and Twitter.  These two platforms  have  a big market share and there are lots of things that people can access  from them.   Business-wise, it is a good investment to use Facebook and Twitter.  They have a lot of users that are active daily and lots of ways that will  help a business reach the target  market.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the other social media platforms – people are dismissive.  Take Pinterest for example. Pinterest is a top social media platform but people forget about it because they think that it will not bring as much presence as the top two platforms do. How does Pinterest help your social media strategy?  What are the things that make it important to  your social media management plan?

Pinterest 101

Pinterest is a top social media platform where the users can collect and organize the things that they love in one cohesive board.

Here, the users can create their own “pin boards” and make sure that they fill it only with things that they love.  Much like the old-fashioned bulletin boards, the boards are divided into titles created by the user.  The users can then collect and pin images from all over the web or anything that links back to the original website.

Why Does A Business Need Pinterest?

A business needs Pinterest because of the following reasons:

  1. Pinterest is growing by the hour. Did you know that as a social media platform Pinterest is continuously increasing in numbers? Pinterest has already caught up with Twitter in terms of adult U.S. Internet users. Pinterest has a market share of around 15% while Twitter has 16%..
  1. Pinterest has a lot of unique visitors. Not only is Pinterest growing in its market share, the site has 25 million monthly unique visitors. This means that there are 25 million monthly unique visitors that your business may not know anything about.
  1. Pinterest has a growing population of women with a lot of disposable income. Did you know that around 82% of Pinterest users are women? Did you also know that if you are selling women’s products you will reach your desirable demographic of women 35-44 years old?  The best part is that these women creating their own boards have disposable income that they can use to purchase your products and services.
  1. Pinterest is inspirational so it is perfect for those who are in the life coach and personality development business. Since it is a social media platform that works as a vision board, it is important for people to actively try it and work on their visions. If you are in the following businesses, Pinterest is the perfect medium for you.
  • Life Coaching;
  • Personality Development;
  • Positive Affirmations: and
  • All other businesses that aspire to motivate individuals
  1. Pinterest pins last longer. This means that pins have a wall life that is higher than that of the top two platforms in the world. For example, Pinterest pins have a shelf life of over one week so even if potential clients miss a week of going online, they can still reach and react to your post which ensures that the clients will see your pins.  This also means that links are actively being tracked for a period of a week.  T Compare that to a tweet which would only last for a period of five to twenty-five minutes and a Facebook post which usually lasts for a period of up to thirty minutes.  This means that you will get more screen time with Pinterest.
  1. Website traffic is straight with Pinterest. One of the best things about this platform is that website traffic increases with Pinterest. As long as the social media management is correct, an individual business website will be able to successfully increase their website presence.
  1. People use Pinterest with shopping in mind. One of the top things that sets Pinterest apart is that people who access it really want to go shopping. Hence, those who are selling products and items should be able to get a big market of shoppers and make a sale in no time.

Considering the reasons above, it is easy to understand that there are a lot of advantages that people should keep in mind when it comes to Pinterest.  It is more than just a platform that businesses can use. Pinterest becomes more than just social media for the users so businesses should capitalise on this.  .  Hence, if you are looking for a great social media strategy, Pinterest is one of the best platforms that you can include.