If you have the budget for ad spend and the right marketing strategy, setting up a Google Ad campaign to promote your business online helps increase lead conversion, phone call enquiries or brand awareness of your business.

Here are some of the most commonly used types of Google Ads you can utilise for a successful search advertising campaign.

1. Standard Text Ads / Expanded Text Ads (ETA’s)

Standard Text Ads or Expanded Text Ads is pretty much self-explanatory. It will allow you to post and promote your business through the use of ads in written text format, which is usually limited to a specific number of characters. The structure consists of a headline text and two descriptions. When using the extension fields for this type of ad, you can place your business website, phone number or physical address.

Standard Text Ads - Aston Social Digital Marketing Melbourne

Benefits of Standard Text Ads:

  • It is simple to set up and manage

  • Expanded text ads allows up to 90 characters per description field, while providing 30 characters per headline field.

  • It provides flexibility in terms of context

Standard Text Ad is effective because it allows you to create compelling text advertisement. It is also one of the commonly used type of ad that appear to those who are searching for a specific product or service

2. Responsive Search Ads (RSA’s)

Responsive Search Ads is pretty much similar to Expanded Search Ads, except RSA’s offers more flexibility in terms of adapting to different device screen sizes and widths, as well as providing a more options for headlines and description text collection, giving you a series of combination ideas to effectively reach potential customers and improve engagement.

Responsive Search Ads - Aston Social Digital Marketing Melbourne

Benefits of Responsive Search Ads:

  • It translates pretty well on desktop and mobile devices

  • Arrangement of assets is automatic

  • A/B Testing is easier

Responsive Search Ads works well if you plan to target audience on a wide spectrum as well as different devices and screen sizes. It will also help give you an insight about which ad asset works best based on your campaign strategy.

3. Image Ads

Image Ads are ads that are shown on blog articles pages of websites that the visitor browse. This type of ad promotes more of the visual elements such as different types and sizes of digital banner ads for your business instead of a plain written text. This is usually in the format of an image such as JPEG’s.

Image Ads - Aston Social Digital Marketing Melbourne

Benefits of using Display/Image Ads:

  • Promotes brand awareness

  • Perfect for banners or digital posters

  • Images reaches 90% of internet users across the globe.

Google Image Ads are perfect for brand awareness campaigns. This helps lead your campaign into obtaining direct sales or leads.

Stay tuned for the continuation of the types of Google Ads on our next article.

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