SEO Meta Tags are snippets of your text used by the search engine to describe your page’s content. The tags themselves do not appear on the page; they are put in the page’s source code. Search engines use the tags to recognize the content and what it is about. They are set in the head section of an HTML document. You can use SEO Meta Tags to optimize and highlight the most important snippets in your HTML document so that it stands out in the search results. There are various types of meta tags, and some relate to a page’s structure, while others look for important content.

1. Title Tag

The meta title tag is one of the first and the most important thing to use in a SERP (Search Engine Results Page). It provides a preview of your content. That’s why your title should be compact and straightforward, with no more than fifty-five characters. By using a keyword in the title, you can enhance the ranking.

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Benefits of Meta Title Tags:

  • Title tags increase the visibility of your text

  • Title tags help visitors identify what your page is about

  • It allows you to give a primary tile and make it simple for SEO purposes

Meta Title Tags helps give your visitors an insight what your page is about. This also contribute to the impact of traffic you will receive for your website pages.

2. Description Tag

Next to the title tag is another vital tag, which is the description runs beneath the title. For that reason, description tags should provide an accurate description of your page link in SERP. Users read the description, and they click on the link or not, depending on how persuasive your description is.

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Benefits of a well-optimised meta description tag:

  • A compelling description enhances your click rate

  • Click rate leads to improving the ranking

A well-optimised meta description tag provides more information to customers what they are looking for. This gives you the ability to attract and persuade visitors to visit your website.

3. Image Tag

Visual aid, particularly images are an important element of a successful SEO campaign, helping to increase the page rank better. With an image tag, you can make your image and text both visible to the user and search engine. It can also describe the visual content of the page you are promoting.

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Benefits of implementing an image meta tag for your website pages:

  • Contributes to the overall ranking of your website

  • Reach out to visually impaired persons by spoken words

  • Mainly improves optimisation for users who are searching for terms specifically under the image category in Google

Identifying the images associate with your website page help improves the overall SEO score. Make sure to set alt attributes and text for your images.

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