Backlinks, also called inbound links or external links, works by a certain external link point one website to another. Google’s search engine considers backlinks as a source of credibility and ranks websites according to the number and credibility of the backlinks. When a reputable website link backs its content to your website, it means they believe what you are saying and consider your content noteworthy.

Google algorithm notes this and boosts your website and increases the visibility of your website in search engine results (SEO). There are various types of backlinks, so assessing each’s value is important.

Below are 4 types of backlinks you can use to improve your website’s overall search engine result page traffic.

1. Acknowledged Backlinks

Sponsorship or acknowledgment backlinks are a great strategy to market your website. It can help you expose yourself to your desired market and niche. It is often that specific organizations and agencies accept acknowledgment and dedicate a page for this in purpose.

4 types of backlinks - Aston Social Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne

How to acquire acknowledged backlinks:

  • Look for quality sponsorship opportunities based on organisation with good reputation.

  • Choose those organizations that already have existing acknowledgment page

  • Send your representative to contact the organisation

  • Use backlink checkers, where your competitors go for backlinks

Having your website link acknowledged by organisations, increase the click through rate and will improve traffic for your website.

2. Editorial Backlinks

Editorial backlinks are more of the “uninvited backlinks” where some other website links their article back to your website. The purpose of such backlinks is that someone wants to spread your quality work and help make it easy for people to search for it. Editorial links are considered qualitative links.

4 types of backlinks - Aston Social Melbourne

How to acquire editorial backlinks:

  • Always aim to write evidence-based quality content, so when people read your content, they will mention it in their writing piece.

  • Create a unique piece of page/article or service page that would catch people’s attention

  • Staying updated with the latest trends often results into acquiring editorial backlinks to your website

Editorial backlinks are considered organic inbound links, which also contributes to the overall quality score of your website traffic.

3. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another tool to increase your website’s ranking. Recently Google has changed its guest posting policy and does not consider it a quality backlink. However, providing valuable and quality work on the guest site is still a powerful tool for search engine optimization.

Aston Social Digital Marketing Melbourne - 4 Types of Backlinks

How to acquire guest blogging opportunities:

  • Write articles for other websites and then provide a link to your website

  • Always aim for quality content when writing articles for other websites as a guest

  • It is important to keep in mind that guest blogging is not a primary tool for increasing backlinks but more of an additional improvement for your overall backlink dataset

Keeping your content in check and ensuring to write quality material, will often get you more recognition. This will result in more guest blogging opportunities in the future.

4. Badge Backlinks

This particularly type of backlink is often the underutilized backlink. However, it is one of the creative ways to increase your website’s overall ranking. Badge Backlinks works by formulating specific ways like a contest among websites and give a badge to the winner, in which the winner will apply the backlink, back to your website. If you succeeded in creating a value for your badge it will exponentially increase your website traffic

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How to acquire badge backlinks:

  • Create an award-winning contest

  • Build the credibility of the award

  • Repeat the contest periodically, which will increase the credibility of the other websites and increase your value

Badge backlinks often capture more attention, which in result getting you more clicks to your website. You can set a series of contests which will have the winner earn a badge on a periodical basis.

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