Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

social media strategy is the definition of how your brand will create an environment for fostering social connection whilst also increasing revenues.

An effective Social Media Strategy can build you a dedicated community of followers who are passionate about what you do. Encouraging participation on your social platforms by producing relevant, interesting and share-able content will keep your audience engaged and ultimately build trust and credibility around your brand.

Social Media Strategy is not just fluffy content.

Social Media Strategy is the process of developing what content you need to use to engage your audience, defining who your audience is and how you will attract them. It’s the job of your Social Media Agency to get this right for you. Typically process involves:

  • Building a social strategy
  • Defining the Content Streams
  • Identifying and executing fan acquisition strategies
  • Creating the social media profiles
  • Managing content publishing and social media profiles
  • Community Management

A Social Media Strategy is the process of developing what content you need to use to engage your audience, defining who your audience is and how you will attract them.

Aston Social envisions strategy as an ongoing process that ensures your social community remains engaged and ultimately builds trust and credibility in your brand. Ongoing evolution and management means:

  • Measurement & Reporting
  • Developing Insights
  • Learning from Followers
  • Content creation and publication
  • Competitions, advertising and promotions

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Example Strategy’s

Strategy Process


A cohesive, long term and broad reaching plan to manage, grow and enhance a brand’s social media presence.

Just like anything else, maximising your success on social media relies on a clear strategy. Here at Aston Social, we see strategy as an ongoing process that builds you a devoted network of engaged followers who promote and advocate for your brand.

But it’s not just about content, it’s also about knowing who you’re engaging and how to engage them. Identifying your target audience is pivotal to knowing the style of language that will engage and the type of conversation required in response to audience engagement with your brand.


More than just content and campaigns.

The social media strategy development process includes a detailed plan of not only the marketing aspects of your social media presence but also the compliance requirements specific to your industry and business.

Key strategic topics covered include:


  • Defined Social Brand & Voice
  • Content Streams & Acquiring Fans
  • Security & Privacy
  • Community Management Rules
  • Measurement & KPI’s


  • Organisational Roles
  • Human Resources Policy
  • Risk Management

Strategy development is broken down into modules which can be included or excluded as your business requires.

Strategy Modules


  1. Brand Definition We get to know your brand, why you tick and what you
    do. In a dedicated workshop we also uncover your target audiences and
    key messages.
  2. Social Strategy The social strategy includes selected platforms, your
    customers’ journey and most importantly your brand’s reason for being
    on social media.
  3. Content Streams The three different content stream genres are; Thought
    Leadership, Humanising and Sales Promotion. We carefully develop a
    number of different streams for each genre, creating a content plan for 24
    months or more.
  4. Fan Acquisition Fan acquisition is all about getting fans to your
    platforms. We develop a number of strategies for both online and offline,
    paid and organic that will grow your fan quickly.
  5. Cross Platform Integration Your digital assets need to work in harmony.
    We identify and develop a framework for how consumers and fans will
    transgress between platforms and why they will do it.
  6. Security & Privacy Security is important, ensuring your assets are
    protected whilst accessible. Privacy is important to ensure that all team
    members who are going to engage on your social platforms are amply
  7. Community Management Strategy We learn all about your language,
    voice, tone and key words. A structure is put in place for escalations of sales
    opportunities, complaints and other crises.
  8. Social Media Monitoring & Measurement Defining the key metrics to
    track and measure success is vital. We set the metrics, the method and
    frequency for tracking and most importantly the targets for success.
    KPI’s are set here.


  1. Organisational Roles Each person in the business has a role to play on
    social media. In this module we assign roles to all key team members
    including the Aston Social team, and also defining the information flow
    between team members.
  2. Social Media HR Policy Having a HR policy standard for social media
    engagement is vital. This module provides a ready to use HR policy
    framework, customised specifically for your organisation, ready to put
    straight into your employment contracts.
  3. Risk Management Plan Risks are ever present on social media. In this
    module we identify all the key known risks on social media along with the
    corresponding impacts and consequences. A mitigation plan is developed
    for each of the key risks.

case studies

A diverse range of clients use social media management delivered by the best Social Media Agency in Melbourne.

SAI Global Property is a well reputed company providing conveyancers, solicitors and the financial services sector with all the necessary software, systems and services to complete a settlement.

Outlaw 4×4 is one of the most trusted names in the Australian car performance market. Australian owned and operated, they have been leading the way in the development of performance products since the early 1960s.

Pharmacy Business Network (PBN) is an event run by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. After extensive work with the Pharmacy Guild during the APP2014 conference the Guild refocussed efforts.

Hockey Victoria (HV) is the state’s peak body for everything Hockey related. From the top level State squad right down to grass-roots players, HV is it.

Metcash is Australia’s leading wholesale distribution and marketing company encompassing household names such as IGA Australia, Mitre 10 and Cellarbrations.

Shine On has been helping Australian businesses become more energy efficient since 2009 providing LED lighting solutions to replace old halogen and incandescent lighting.

The Mental Health Complaints Commissioner is an independent, specialist body established under the Mental Health Act 2014 (the Act) to safeguard rights, resolve complaints about Victorian public mental health services and recommend improvements.

Apollo Patios is a family owned and operated manufacturing business with facilities based all across Australia. Apollo Patios wanted to increase its level of engagement with its audience as well as generate stronger brand recognition.

Ganache Chocolate is a luxury European inspired chocolate cafe with two locations in Melbourne with a well established fan-base of chocolate lovers. Visits to the stores and online chocolate sales were paramount. We stepped in to help with beautiful content.

Social Media Training Packages

Aston Social provides a series of social media training courses to help get you started with your business marketing strategy and online presence.

Our Team

The Social Media Agency Melbourne team know the best way run your social media marketing for you and your customers.

When it comes to social media we just get it, it’s our thing, and we do it well. We believe in the infinite possibility that social media offers and the necessity for your business to use a engaging and cohesive strategy as part of your digital brand strategy.

Our team is designed to maximise your success on social media through an in depth strategy process that delivers relevant and entertaining content to keep your fan base listening.


Sometimes magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect.

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