Twitter is probably one of the top social media platforms in the world.  It has become a top source of followers and a great way to receive attention from potential clients.  Your target market needs you to be on a  winner right now and here are seven ways that you can keep your Twitter updated with the latest trends.

  1. Know what Twitter is all about. Twitter has its own set of algorithms that are different from the rest of the social media platforms.  They show tweets in a very different manner, unlike Facebook which just filters the posts. Hence, there are two things that you need to properly be versed in when it comes to Twitter:
  • Ranked tweets are a thing. When you post about your interests, Twitter will make sure that you get tweets that are relevant to your needs. What does this mean for businesses?  This means that you can get to the right clientele as long as you update your Twitter as much as you can.
  • If the individual has not been online for a long time, he will see the best posts that he may be interested in; even when he is gone and not online for a long time. This means that businesses still get some newsfeed time even if potential clients do not go online often.


  1. You need to engage your clients. The best thing that you can do as a business is to engage with your followers. Answer questions as much as you can, make sure that you comment on what they are doing as long as it is related to the business and always follow back your followers so you will know what they are up to.  This fact is supported by Twitter.  Twitter shows that customers who receive a response on Twitter are:
  • 44% more likely to share their experience
  • 30% more likely to recommend the brand as they are part of the experience.


  1. Reuse your old tweets but tweak them a little bit. In order to get engagement, you must have a certain personality added to your tweets. The right social media step that you use on Twitter is to reuse old Twitter posts and maybe add a few photos, videos and any other kind of media that you can share.


  1. Timing is absolutely everything. The best thing that you can do to keep your Twitter updated is to have proper timing. The best social media strategy for Twitter is to have the right timing and post at the best times. According to a research study of Sprout Social, the following are the best times to post.
  • The best time to post on Twitter is Friday 9 to 10 a.m.
  • Friday is the best day to post to Twitter.
  • The safest times to post a Tweet are every day from 10 a.m. to noon.
  • Sunday mornings receive the least amount of engagement.


  1. Keep yourself updated with the latest Twitter rules. If you are new to social media, you should know that you need to be well versed with the social media world before you make your first post.  If you keep yourself updated with the latest Twitter rules, you will know the latest character limits, the latest rules on how you can make posts, and how you can follow back clients.


  1. Do not post multiple tweets across all platforms. Old Twitter rules provide that you can post the same social media posts on different platforms but now, you cannot do so.


  1. You can always promote on Twitter. The best thing to do on the social media platform is to promote on it. This is the same as ad posting on Facebook. Twitter rules provide that the following are the steps to promote on the platform.
  • Select the tweet you’d like to promote and click on the activity icon
  • Click “Promote this Tweet”
  • Select your location – you can choose worldwide, country, state/province/region or metro area
  • Select your budget – Twitter will give you an estimate of likely results based on each budget level
  • Confirm


Social media optimization is not as easy as it sounds.  While it may seem like the world is really into a certain thing one day, it may be gone the next day.  This is the primary reason why you need to have a social media strategy where you keep your Twitter updated as much as you can.  Follow the steps that we have provided above and you will be ahead of the rest.

If you have any other concerns about social media optimization and social media marketing, feel free to contact Aston Social and you will have all of the information that you need to have business success.