Last week, Snapchat started to roll out its new self-serve ad manager across the world so we thought it would be fitting to put together a Beginner’s Guide for those marketers who are new to the wonderful world of Snapchat.

With more than 166 million daily active Snapchat users across the globe, Snapchat Advertising is a great way to reach a whole new audience in the social space, particularly a younger one. It’s very different to the types of ads you see on the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter because it’s a lot more interactive and you have a whole mobile screen to play around with.

So where do you begin? Here’s a breakdown of the different types of Snapchat Ads you can currently run…

Different Types of Snapchat Ads

1. Snap Ads

A Snap Ad is a 10-second vertical video that provides the option for users to swipe up for more information. The additional information could be:

  • An article
  • A link to an app download
  • A long-form video
  • A website

More than 60% of Snapchat users create a Snap every day which is why Snap Ads command up to two times more attention than video ads on comparable platforms.

You can download the Snap Ads Creative Guidelines and Specifications here.

2. Sponsored Geofilters

A Geofilter is one of those graphic overlays you see when you swipe through your selfie filters. You may have swiped across one that says ‘Sponsored’ at the bottom. That is a Sponsored Geofilter.

Sponsored Geofilters are tied to a specific location which could be as small as a cafe to an entire country. They tend to be mostly used to promote an event or a new product.

For a Sponsored Geofilter to appear on a user’s Snapchat app, their phone’s location must be turned on.

Download the Sponsored Geofilters Creative Guidelines and Specifications here.

3. Sponsored Lenses

You know those dog ears you see on almost every girl’s Snap Story? Those are called Lenses and they are one of Snapchat’s most engaging ad products.

You can create a Sponsored Lenses ad to simply promote your brand, a product or even an event. They not only offer an impression, but a chance to interact with your brand by giving users the opportunity to play around and have fun with it.

Sponsored Lenses can be added to a user’s story, sent to their friends or as simple as just saving it on their phone.

Download the Sponsored Geofilters Creative Guidelines and Specifications here.

How do you target Snapchat Ads to a specific audience?

Good question. There are three different targeting options currently available to Snapchat advertisers and these only apply to Snap Ads:

  • Snap Audience Match: Targeting Snapchat users based on email addresses and their mobile device IDs
  • Snapchat Lifestyle Categories: Targeting Snapchat users based on the categories of content they engage with on the app
  • Lookalike Audiences: Targeting Snapchat users similar to a brand’s existing customers

For Sponsored Geofilters and Sponsored Lenses, users are targeted based on their location only.

How much to Snapchat Ads cost?

We were waiting for you to ask that question. Like every other social media advertising platform, the pricing varies based on a number of different factors including audience size, campaign length and campaign goal. It is difficult to provide exact costings because a smaller campaign could cost as little as $50 and a large-scale campaign could be thousands of dollars.

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