Sometimes, no matter how much we put a premium on social media strategy and social media management; there are those who are up to ruin a business’ good will.  With that in mind, here is a list on how people can address social media trolls and make sure that they do not make a lot of damage to the business.

Here is a list of how people can address social media troll

First, make sure that there is a moderator who can guard the social media accounts. A moderator is priority number one for a good social media strategy as they guard your standing at all costs.

Second, looking at where your business is at Google, where it is mentioned and all other things that make mention of your business name should be your top priority.  Check out your yelp reviews, check out your mentions, and make sure that you know where people would find you.

Third, delete comments that are damaging only after making sure that the business transaction is unreal.  Ask your employees if there is a basis for the negative review.  Do not dismiss reviews outright just because you think that it is damaging your business.  Proper social media management means that the business is able to set things straight with those who have had a not so good experience with the business.

Fourth, make sure that you defend yourself in a polite manner.  If the client is not willing to settle things and continues to leave bad reviews, you should continue to be polite and shoe professionalism.  Eventually, people will see that you are doing your best with the business.

Finally, take note of the good reviews and reward those clients.  There is nothing more that could help the business than by ensuring that the social media strategy rewards the clients.  Those who have had a good experience will most likely return for more once the business is able to show and prove that they value their clients.