Why would you outsource your social media management to an Agency? What’s the point when you can do it yourself surely? All makes sense, until you start having to do your Social Media Marketing yourself.

Then suddenly it becomes very difficult and you run out of time, you aren’t quite sure how to do it all yourself and then the stress of constant notifications and need to put 2 hours a day aside to it generate content is getting all too much.

Sound familiar? Well, before you launch into doing it all yourself, read on to find out some of the main advantages of outsourcing to a social media agency.

Advantages of Outsourcing to a Social Media Agency


Generating content can seem easy enough when your on your computer on a Sunday afternoon, an hour or two of browsing and you’re done! The first time… Then, as the weeks wear on you find it increasingly difficult to find the time to keep the content and creating new ideas.

Time is one of the major savings a social media agency can give you. As part of working with an agency, your account manager dedicates the requisite number of hours each week to creating, finding and generating new content for your social media profiles.


Ever wondered how that particular thing gets done? How they get it to look that way? You wish you knew how.

Skill and knowing how to do things right is probably the second biggest benefit to engaging a Social Media Agency. Whilst it might all seem easy on first inspection, getting everything setup right and looking just right is hard. The skill of your account manager will help ensure your presence is always looking it’s best and making the most of the latest features available on social media.


Someone’s complained and you don’t know how to manage it. You’re trying to launch a competition and don’t know how to get the best bang for buck. Sound familiar?

Having had the experiences in the past, your social media agency will know exactly how to manage those sticky situations you’ve just found yourself in and how to make the most of every possible scenario that presents itself on Social Media.


Knowing you need to get that content out and knowing that you’re missing out on potential leads can cause stress for even the most zen of business owners and marketing managers.

Reducing your stress is pretty pivotal to what your account manager will do for you. Knowing that you have one point of contact and a person you can rely on to monitor, responding and take care of your social presence means you can sleep easy at night.

In a lot of cases, organisations will just focus on the ROI, the lead generation and the number of sales that will come out of getting an agency to manage their social presence, but it’s so much more than that. It’s like hiring someone to answer your phones for you, once upon a time the phone was just a luxury and not everyone had one so it could be an afterthought. Now it is not. Welcome, to social media.