Entering the first quarter of the year 2018 with more expansion in the digital world evolution, comes in the use of a different immersive experienced aside from Virtual Reality, which is Augmented Reality.

What? VR? You mean the technology that’s been existing decades ago? This one is different

Augmented Reality is a conglomerate of realities, both real and digital. It gives a much higher potential for users to experience and picture out whether a table set would fit your dining room, or a closet you want to purchase would fit perfectly into your bedroom space and have it integrated with the real world.

Unlike Virtual reality, wherein you are fully immersed in a digital world alone by using a VR headset, Augmented Reality let’s you see digital elements within the reality space through your mobile phone or tablet device, making the experience more real and giving you a much more accurate dimension of products or furniture you plan to buy for your space. The technology is quite similar to several social apps such as Snapchat, wherein a digital element is being associated and infused with the dimensions in real world.

Apple’s new framework called “ARkit” let’s you create augmented reality experiences through your iPhone or iPad. This technology was also embraced by Amazon and have incorporated a 3-d augmented reality feature for shopping online, to enhance the experience of customers who wants to measure or visualize the products as if they have it with them.

augmented reality

The picture shows a sample augmented reality feature for measuring a wristwatch with your actual wrist.


Other retailers and marketing firms have also been taking the advantage of distributing their marketing content with the use of augmented reality. Research shows that user engagement has significantly increase the past year along with the increase in revenue. Will 2018 be the year for AR marketing?