Everybody now uses social media.  It has really taken over the world to make it more interactive from pole to pole.  

While social media does not really have clear rules that should be followed, social media also has a lot of unspoken rules.  Basic social media classes should be taught in school but for business it should be discussed by a trusted marketing specialist.

Here at Aston Social, we have created a few basic etiquette rules for social media harmony

Social Media Etiquette Rules to Follow:

  1. Fill out your online profiles completely

The audience will not trust a social media account for a business with missing details so it is always a good idea to make sure that your business profile is always complete and easy to read.

There the three things that you should always remember here: complete, concise, and readable.

  1. Share information that interests you and your audience

Your audience will get bored eventually so you need to make sure that they will stick around.  Share short articles and short posts that are of value and you never have to worry about your audience getting bored ever again.

  1. Do not overshare

Nothing could be more irritating than a business profile that just keeps on sharing things that people do not need to know.  Every once in a while, you can share a picture of your products, add some fun tone into it, make it even more fun and exciting for the audience but limit a few things.  Here are some rules on oversharing:

    1. Nobody wants to know about your bowel moment.
    2. Nobody cares too much about your love life.
    3. We really do not like seeing a lot of food posts, unless it looks really yummy.
    4. Memes when overshared are not appreciated.
    5. Do not curse on social media.
    6. Keep rants to a minimum.
  1. Always check for spelling and grammatical errors:

Always think before you click and check before you post.  A professional never makes grammar mistakes that could hurt their business.

  1. What you post would stay

A lot of businesses have been hurt by postings insensitive things about things that are not really okay to talk about.  Make sure that before you post anything on social media, you should know that it would stay with you forever.

  1. Never make promises you cannot keep

When you start a campaign, do it.  Make sure that you would put effort into it and when your audience are waiting for you, you should always update them on your efforts and the happenings for your business.

Do you need help implementing the basic social media etiquette rules? Or are you struggling to find the time to manage your accounts professionally? Aston Social has an experienced team of digital marketers on hand to help your business stand out from the crowd online.  We know the rules.  We made the rules.  We will definitely follow the rules.  Help us help you and you would definitely not regret a single cent.