So a new kid on the block has been making rounds on social circles – Pinterest.

Pinterest is a social tool that enables businesses and individuals to share their own thoughts and ideas through the use of images.  

Kind of like Instagram for heavy picture users, Pinterest engages the audience by having specific boards that cater to a specific topic.

We have created accounts on Pinterest that focuses on weddings, events, occasions, love, and everything else in between.

So, how does Pinterest work?

A business owner must know the following basic things about Pinterest.

First, you need to create niche boards

Think of niche boards as a drawer.  You have one for your socks, you have one for your underwear, and in the kitchen, you also have some dedicated for utensils.

Now, for your business, the niche board is the topic or the market that you target.  It could be anything under the sun as long as it is within the realm of your main topic.

Once you have created your niche boards and posted some images, look at which one is working and post on the ones that are most popular.  When you already know which ones have captured a market, learn how to capitalize on that, and make sure that you would update that niche at least once a day.  This is made possible by scheduling so that even if you are busy, there is no way that you would miss one posting.

Learn how to maximize keywords to get to the right audience

Pinterest is linked to Google so the same system for keywords also work.  Never forget to put some valid keywords on the pins.  You should know by now how keywords work so there is no need to dwell too much on this.

Once you are all set and you think that you have settled your audience, got the voice that you want, and created an atmosphere of trust with the audience that you already have, it is now time to capture some more.

Promote your pins and advertise your business!

You can do this part simultaneously with the others but these are all necessary.  You should never forget the fact that you would need to reach more people if you are to sustain your business.  

Promote the right pins.  Find the ones that actually worked and started a conversation with the clients or maybe has already earned you an account.   At this point, you should know the times that your potential market is online on Pinterest, what they want to see, and how they want to see it.

Advertise your business while at it.  You should promote pins and never forget to mention that the pins are related to your business.  After all, business promotion is the end game

Pro tip: Hire a good team of graphic artists to do your pins for you if you want to look professional. Clients hate it when graphics are pixelated and not at par with standard quality.

Have you got a Pinterest account that needs a boost or simply need some help getting started? Contact our expert team for some advice today.