Is your Instagram follower growth slowing down?

Perhaps it’s time to review your Instagram strategy.

There are a number of different things you can do to go from 100 followers to 1,000 followers. We’ve put together a checklist below to help you with your Instagram strategy.

Here is the Checklist for Your Instagram Strategy

☑️ Use bright and vibrant images

How do you stand out from the thousands of images on Instagram? Bright and colourful images that stand out from the rest.

Create a theme for your profile; use a particular filter on your images. Blues tend to perform better than any other colour on Instagram so that could be your starting point if the colour blue is on-brand for you.

☑️ Post consistently throughout the week

Major brands on Instagram post on average 1-2 times per day. How often are you posting?

Sometimes for business accounts, there just isn’t enough content to be posting seven days a week. Come up with a schedule and stick to it – every second day is fine. Afterall, something is better than nothing. Posting every second day for a week and then stopping for a week will affect your ranking in Instagram’s algorithm which means your content will be shown to fewer people.

☑️ Short and sharp calls-to-action

Instagram is a visual platform which means your captions need to be short and sharp to convey your message to consumers. There’s a reason why the ‘read more’ button appears after the third line of text. If you find you’re often writing more than three lines, it’s likely that you’re boring your fans. They’re not there to read, they’re there to see.

Sometimes it’s as simple as asking people to like or comment on your photo. Instagram posts that ask for likes get 89% more like than those that don’t. We’re not saying you should do it all the time, but every now and again could make a difference.

☑️ Add a location

Adding a location increases your exposure. Your post will be shown in the Explore section of people near you, and can be found by people searching in areas near you.

☑️ Use Instagram Stories

Like adding a location, using Instagram Stories also increases your exposure. Instagram Stories also appear in people’s Explore sections, getting more eyes on your content.

Instagram Stories adds a whole new element to your profile. It shows followers that you’re not just a business, but also a team of people.

☑️ Use Boomerang

Video content performs better than any other form of content on social media and Boomerang is the latest craze; videos that are short and sweet, but very fun.

It can be very expensive and time-consuming producing videos day-in and day-out. Boomerangs are a great way around it and they can be as simple as waving your hands in the air.

☑️ Use a variety of hashtags

Hashtagging is probably the most obvious way to grow your Instagram following. Before you post, check the popularity of your hashtags by searching them yourself. The higher usage rate, the greater exposure you will receive.

☑️ Repost your customers’ content

If you’re a B2C, we highly recommend reposting your customers’ content if it’s related to your product. This helps to humanise your brand, but also makes your customers feel special when they see their face on your profile.

☑️ Become friends with influencers

Probably the hardest on the list is developing a relationship with an Instagram influencer. Engaging an influencer to talk about your brand on Instagram is going to expose you to a whole new audience that will already have some trust in you because of your relationship with the influencer.