A question we hear often is, why would I bother being on Social Media?  It’s a sentiment that’s been echoing for the past 5 years.

Isn’t that just for teenagers to share what they had for breakfast?

Well, once upon a time maybe it was but now a solid Facebook strategy is pivotal to any digital marketing platform. Despite the obvious “just because” there’s a number of very valid reason that Facebook should be part of your social media marketing.

Reasons Why Facebook Should be Part of Your Social Media Marketing

Everyone is there

A classic FOMO (fear of missing out), it’s now become a reality, not a fear. If you don’t get into being part of Facebook you are genuinely missing out because everyone else IS there. On Facebook in Australia alone, there’s 14Million active users. Over half the population use Facebook routinely. Literally everyone is there.

Facebook is more important than your website

These days, the comment “I saw you on Facebook” is more prevalent than “I saw your website”. What’s this mean? Quite simply, Facebook has become more important than your website. Sure, people still look at your website but typically they will have seen your Facebook page first.

So what happens if you don’t have a Facebook page and no Facebook Strategy? You miss out on customers and leads. People can’t find you and you’ll lose credibility straight away.

“Saw it on Facebook”

The eternally whispered phrase of the digital native and their extended family. Heck, even my Dad sees things on Facebook before I do these days.

If you’re not there, you can’t be part of the “Saw it on Facebook” clan. No one will ever utter those words about you and your business.

Your competition are there

Aside from all of this, the cold hard reality is, it’s a 99% chance that your competition are already on Facebook and maybe even Instagram already. So you can be assured that your lack of Facebook Strategy is your competitors gain – possibly even the very crux of their strategy!

Whilst these points may seem superficial and just an attempt to scare you into including Facebook in your marketing plan, they’re actually cold hard realities. You cannot discount any one of these points in reality because they’re a statement of fact. They are facts that will directly impact your web traffic, leads and ultimately sales. Ignore Facebook at your own peril.