We are slightly obsessed with Instagram here at Aston Social and considering we spend a bit too much time scrolling through our feeds, we’ve noticed a few different user trends emerging.

There are a few different trends that are worth mentioning, we are all every familiar with all of them and sometimes we even block them out, kidding!

What kind of an Instagram User are you?  Let us find out through these types:

Instagram User Types

The Selfie Queen

The Selfie Queen is someone who just keeps on posting a lot of her face in different angles even if it is obvious that they were all taken at the same time.  There are different types of selfie queens and they are:

  • The self-indulgent make up tutorial expert – the selfie queen who also likes taking videos of her face while she does her make up.
  • The scenery queen – selfie queen who takes selfies of herself with beautiful backgrounds
  • The shopping queen – perhaps the most hated of them all, this queen likes to post selfies of herself with her items and her new purchases.  Sometimes, she is called the humbler bragger.

Please take note that we can always replace the “queen” with a king so this applies to male Instagram users as well.

The Pet Lover

This Instagram user loves her pet and she would not deny it.  Sometimes, the pet would even have their own Instagram account just for the fun and indulgence of the owner.  Everybody loves this type of Instagram user because he/she always seems to brighten up a day with a shot of his or her pet.

The Fitness Inspiration

We see this Instagram user as an inspiration.  All of the posts on his or her account would be seen with fitness equipment and all of the necessary things that make one fit as hell.

For the new instagram users, these users are often the ones that are vry popular because everybody is into the whole fitness thing right now.

The Food Blogger

He or she may or may not necessarily be a food blogger but he or she surely loves to post about food in his or her Instagram account. Another popular version of the Instagram user, the food blogger knows that the game is strong when it comes to food.  After all, everyone is eating so why not show that you are eating good food as well right?

The food blogger may also be a chef, a recipe sharer, or a humble cook who likes to show off his creations online.

The Hashtag Addict

One new thing about social media that made it stand out is the existence of hashtags.  Hashtags have become a thing that everyone loves to share to the world.  This is the best way for the post to be found on the search engine of the platform so we definitely recommend everyone to be a hashtag addict.

Do you fit in any of these Instagram archetypes or have we left any out? Comment and share which one you are below.