We previously discussed about earned media, but how about Paid Media?

Paid Media is an advertisement inventory purchased on media channels that broadcasts the message that you want your brand to deliver to reach your target audience. It is a form of digital advertisement that promotes services or products from different brands.

It is a more traditional type of advertising, at least as conventional as it gets in the world of digital marketing. Paid media entails paying social media networks to promote your business through sponsored and targeted advertisements. More precisely, the channel can target certain demographics who are likely to be interested in your product.

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There are multiple types of paid media. To keep things simple, lets discuss about the two most popular channels for paid media: Google Ads and Social Media.

Google Ads

With more than 2 trillion searches per year, Google dominates the internet by being the most popular search engine in the world. They play a major part in online advertisements.

Google advertisements consists of three main different advertisement, they are similar in process but are presented differently:

1. Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads are native advertisement by Google’s online advertising program. It is built within Google’s search engine to allow brands to promote their brand and businesses on their platform. When a user searches for terms and words related to your ad, the advertisement shows at the top of the search engine results page. They are triggered when a specified “keyword” has been auctioned to a brand’s website or landing page. These advertisements will resemble genuine search results, but they will have the words “Sponsored” or “Ad” next to them. They’re also likely to be noticed because most search engine users don’t go past the first page of results. This method is great to spread brand awareness on potential customers and allows you to grab their initial attention.

2. Google Shopping Ads

Shopping advertisements, like search ads, show on the search engine results page. When a user searches for a specific product, they’ll discover them under the “Shopping” category. Whether you want to advertise a whole product line or a single item, there are a few different approaches to maximise shopping advertising.

3. Google Display Ads

Hundreds of websites, such as YouTube and Weather.com, host advertising on the Google Display Network. These advertisements appear on the sides in the shape of banners or sidebars. They are ideal for targeting consumers based on their location, visited sites, remarketing lists, and search history. They may also assist you reach out to clients who haven’t yet looked for any of your relevant keywords.

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Social Media Ads (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram)

You may also employ a number of compensated tactics to help you magnify your owned media and win more earned media. This includes the content on your company’s social media pages. Advertisement opportunities are available on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, which may be used to increase your brand exposure.

Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are the three primary social media networks we suggest, they provide users data that can be utilised for ads to accurately target their preferred audience.


Facebook is the most popular social media network, because of this, it is also a very powerful paid media platform. And, as strange as it may seem that Facebook’s gods have access to its users’ information, they do make the platform a powerful audience targeting tool. Because it contains so much information about its customers’ lives, your firm may use it to segment them by age, occupation, gender, interests, and so on.


LinkedIn lets you target individuals based on industry size, job title, job function, job seniority, field of study, professional skills, and degrees. It may be a fantastic method to get your products and message in front of company executives.


Instagram, much more than Facebook, receives a lot of engagement. This is because of its visual emphasis on photo and video material. All Instagram advertisements, like the usual feed post, require at least one picture or video. There are a few more advantages to using Instagram advertisements. To begin with, these advertisements resemble ordinary postings on a user’s feed, making interaction with them easier and more natural. In addition, the majority of ad links open within the Instagram app, allowing users to readily access more information while staying within the app.

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Bottom line:

Paid and social media are a marketing marriage made in heaven. Because social media platforms make use of user data and analytics, they can successfully target your audience in ways that traditional paid media can’t. Paid media also allows you to reach out to your audience in ways that you wouldn’t be able to do on your own.

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