How well do you think you know Snapchat? There are a number of hidden features you may never knew existed which can change your Snapchatting experience for the better.

Snapchat Hidden Features

Snapchat Hacks - GIF

Turn on two filters at once

That’s right! Why not go black and white with a geofilter? All you need to do is take a snap, choose your first filter and then hold one finger down and swipe through to add other filters.


Pin emojis to objects in videos

Want to have your emoji move with a certain object in your snap video? Too easy! Just add the emoji to your video, use your finger to move it and hold it one place above an object. It should then ‘pin’ to that object.

Draw in black and white

Have you ever wished you could draw on a snap in simple black or white, rather than having to choose a colour from the colour palette? Guess what? You can!

To access white, hold your finger on the colour palette and drag it to the upper left corner of your screen. To access black, drag down to the bottom right corner of your screen.

Draw in pastel colours

As well as black and white, you can now create lighter colours like a pastel green. Open the colour palette and drag your finger up and down the left-hand side of the screen.Snapchat Hacks - Clip 2resized_screenshot_20161027-101542

Save data using Travel Mode

Does Snapchat chew up all your data? Here’s an easy trick to avoid just that: Open your Snapchat Settings, tap Manage Preferences and then tick the box for Travel Mode. This reduces the amount of data the app uses.


Add music to your videos

Perfect for serial Snappers, you can add background music to your snaps for extra effect. To do this, play the song you want through your music player (iTunes, Spotify, etc.) and then record the video on Snapchat while the song is playing in the background. It automatically becomes a part of your video.

Secret screenshots

There’s nothing worse than someone screenshotting your snap, but it’s the best when you can screenshot someone else’s! Now you can take screenshots without your friends even knowing about it. All you have to do is turn your phone on aeroplane mode, take your screenshot and immediately log out of the app. Then voilà! Your friends will never get notified of your screenshot. Sneaky, sneaky!

Swap between time and date filters

We know we can have the time show up in our snaps, but did you know that you can show the date? Next time you swipe through to the time, tap the clock and it will change to show the date instead. Similarly, when you swipe to the temperature, tapping it will swap from degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit. And for speed, you can change it from kilometres to miles.