Our team at Aston Social definitely loves social media. Social media addiction is definitely one of the most common addiction that we have seen throughout the world.  

With that, those who are constantly glue to their cellular phones should probably check if they have the addiction.  The following are the 5 signs of social media addiction:

5 Signs of Social Media Addiction

  1. You check it constantly and without falter

Whether you are doing something else, or just chilling, you constantly check your social media account.  This is one of the top signs of being addicted to social media.  

A recent study conducted by PRIA shows that around 13 million Australians are hooked on social media and spends a total of 18 days a day on it.  Imagine, we only have 24 hours a day and yet people are already spending more than 75% of it on social media, that is an addiction.

How do you address it?  We would say that by allocating only specific times for social media would be a great start.


  1. You start and end your day with social media

We get this. We really want to be always in the know of what is happening and what is going on with the lives of everyone around us.  Unfortunately, this is a big sign of being addicted to social media.

You address this problem by the same way that you address the first sign.


  1. You have no boundaries on the things that you post

Whether you like it or not, sharing everything that happens in your life is not good.  Not everyone would like it and it is definitely not healthy for you as well.  Like us, you should definitely create boundaries when it comes to what you post and the things that you say on social media.  

If you really want to share everything, you can always give your loved ones a call and tell them about your day.


  1. You are only really happy when you check your social media

Whether you admit it or not, sometimes you are only really happy when social media is involved.  As such, you need to check it every 5 minutes and see what the others are up to.  

Go back to number one and see the level of self-control that you need.


  1. You cannot leave your phone even just for a minute

You love your phone and so does everyone else, but one of the telltale signs that you are spending too much time on social media is when your day revolves around it.


Let Us Take Care of Your Business

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