As part of our goal to aid small business owners to create a social media strategy that would help them in their pursuit, we are creating a series of articles for each of the social media platforms.

Last week’s article is an overview of Twitter basics, you can read it here.

For this week, the main focus is to answer the question: How do I break into Twitter Market without spending money? The answer is in the simple combination of CONSISTENCY and PATIENCE.

It may seem like a fairly easy thing to do but it is not. So, how do you become consistent and patient on Twitter?

Consistency is all about your main account.  How many times do you post? Do you follow people on a regular basis?  Are you building a rapport with the followers that you already have?  A yes to all of the questions posed would mean victory.  If you are not doing so, here is a checklist of the things that may help you get there.

Twitter Checklist

  1. Have a main twitter account.
  2. Create some smaller twitter accounts.
  3. Post regularly.
  4. Follow big Twitter names.
  5. Interact with the audience.
  6. Use trends to slightly introduce the product or the business.
  7. Make sure that you listen to what your audience has to say. This is the most important social media strategy.

When you are consistent in doing the above things, you would need the second quality which is patience.  Patience is not just about waiting.  In Twitter, it is about waiting and timing.  If you are patient enough to allow your page to ripen into a thousand followers to tens of thousands, your growth will be much steadier.

So, these are the two basic things that you should have going in, but how do you really market your product using the 160-character limit on Twitter?  On the next article, we will fully discuss.