Just when you thought it couldn’t get much worse for Twitter, its latest earnings report showed a $167 million loss last quarter.

Ad revenue dropped from $641 million in 2015 to $638 million in 2016 and there was very little growth in monthly active users, up just 4% from the previous year.

One of the major talking points from the earnings report was the performance of Twitter’s advertising platform. Currently there are six different ad types, but none of them are creating desirable outcomes for marketers. It creates a lot of work for little return.

Why are these ads failing? They often become lost in the News Feed because they look like any other tweet.

Let’s look and Snapchat as an example. Ads on Snapchat pop up when you least expect it, and you’re drawn to it for a least one or two seconds before you realise it’s an ad and not your friend’s Story. Instagram has also adopted this type of ad placement in its Stories feature.

Facebook is also a huge advocate for video advertising, after all, it is their most engaging type of content. They’re constantly changing the way their ads are delivered to create better outcomes for both marketers and consumers.

Where has Twitter got it wrong? They’re lacking innovation. Keeping it original clearly isn’t working for them so it’s time to free up some resources and start looking at video promotions.


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