Newsflash! Christmas is only a few months away, yes I repeat only a few months away! Get excited! Okay, I know it’s still a little early, there is no need to panic just yet, plenty of time to buy your aunt that $10 candle from Kmart! But for those of us in marketing, now is the time to start planning for the silly season. It’s no secret that social media is a brand’s top choice to spread the Xmas cheer with their customers so I have compiled a few of my favourite Christmas campaigns to get the creative juices flowing, because…..


Favourite  Christmas Campaigns

Air Canada

#ACgiftofhome Campaign

This campaign really pulled on the heartstrings of people across the world. In late 2014, Air Canada released a video on their YouTube channel detailing their incredible gift to some very lucky homesick Canadians living abroad in in London. To cut to the chase, two Air Canada pilots visited the Maple Leaf bar, a known watering hole for Canadians yearning for a taste of home. The pilots handed out round-trip tickets to everyone to go back home for the holiday season. The video ends inviting you to follow their travels home with #ACgiftofhome. Well played Air Canada, well played.



Ted Baker

#TedsElfie Campaign

This campaign was wildly successful, probably due in part to the pretty epic prizes being given away, including a trip to the northern lights! #Jawdrop! The campaign invited Ted Baker’s fans to follow the @tedselfie Instagram account where seven elves were hidden in bespoke Christmas landscape artworks over a period of three weeks. Safe to say it worked with over 37,000 interactions across the campaign and 14,500 competition entries. Ted Baker should be pretty pleased with Poke London, the agency who hung the whole thing together.



Not On The High Street


I love this campaign, mainly because I am a last minute Christmas shopper so I can totally relate, but also because it’s cool and funny at the same time and who can deny that combo!? Essentially, Not On The High Street created a Twitter-powered vending machine called ‘Gift-O-Matic’ and placed them in train stations in London. To receive a free gift you had to tweet one of five Not On The High Street’s hashtags. The hashtag that was tweeted dictated the gift that was received. The hashtags included #PetLover and #Foodie. Great marketing whilst also spreading some Christmas cheer, after all Xmas is all about giving!


So there you have it folks, now that you are sufficiently inspired I’ll remind you there are only 99 sleeps until Christmas!