Billions of people use social media regularly in all its forms. Why do they? What’s the attraction? How can something so simple create such big numbers? It’s extremely basic. Social media fulfills two fundamental human needs – to meet new people and to strengthen existing relationships. Obviously, there is a relevant bond between the business of social media and its relationship to finding the right consumers.

So, how does this relate to business? Traditional advertising methods have been one way discussions, a concept that in itself is an oxymoron. The fan, customer, and ultimately audience are only allowed to listen – how can that possibly be a discussion?

Discussions and conversations grow social connections. Without it, you don’t have a connection or even the ability to create one. Here is where the difference between social strategy and traditional marketing strategy starts to significantly differ.

The Difference Between Social Media & Traditional Marketing

It’s all about pheromones

You talk to people all day long. Whether you’re in an office, out on the worksite, or in a childcare centre – you’re always talking to people.

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel slightly awkward like something’s not quite right? Slightly unfulfilled? Then you have a conversation with a friend and your mood lightens. The people you’re talking to all day may not be the ones that you really relate or connect with; it’s the social connections with your family and friends that really make a difference to your life.

When embarking on a new social strategy it’s important to remember that same theory – it’s the people that you want to connect with that make a difference to your life.


You’re in business and unless you’re a charity, you’re in business to make money. What is all this talk about pheromones, social connections and feeling good have to do with business?

The key is to build trust and credibility around your brand, ultimately increasing a consumer’s willingness to spend money with you or refer business to you. Help people build social connections, but do it with interesting, relevant, and shareable content that makes them and their friends more inclined to purchase from you.

Leave them with “Why?”

Social media is a reflection of the real world – only amplified and sped up. In the real world, people have meaningful, emotion based interactions with people they like and some that they don’t. Think of your last dinner party. Were you surrounded by people that you like or ones that you don’t? I’m sure there were some you didn’t like, but for the majority they were people that you do.

And why do you like these people? Is it because of the car they drive, where they live, how they wear their hair? Or is it because you believe that they have your best interests at heart just as you do theirs. You like similar things, you share similar opinions, you just seem to get along; or is it really because you believe in what they believe in.

People connect with other people based on core beliefs and emotions, not the material things that surround them. The material things might draw you in, but they don’t hold you there.

To connect with people online you must think the same way. People buy why you do what you do, therefore every message you send must always leave your fans with “why?”.

What’s the action…

Social media is about a person’s emotions and beliefs of themselves and the world around them. Attracting people who believe what you believe is key to a social strategy that helps engender social connections between your fans, ultimately creating loyal customers and a lasting revenue stream.