Since its inception in 2018, TikTok has penetrated far deep into the social media world. Today the platform has more than one billion users, with more than 500 million active users monthly. This makes the platform an attractive site for small and big businesses to reach out to their audiences. With its 10 to 15 seconds informal videos, it is a great tool to communicate to your audiences. Using trending topics, hashtags, challenges, and live streams, you can create an informal ad to make an impact on your audience.

Here are four simple and effective tips to promote your business using TikTok.

1. Create Original Content

Even if you are promoting a small business, you can make a large impact by using TikTok effectively. For effective promotion, your content must be authentic, use trending ingredients like pets and children, and use TikTok’s editing tools.

Ways to Promote your Business Using TikTok - Aston Social Melbourne

Ways to create original content in Tiktok:

  • Publish fresh, and exciting content about your business while giving it your own spin

  • Add music and effects to make your content more attractive

  • Always use hashtags on your content posts

  • Share the your content through a link on other social media sites to reach more audiences

Creating content for your business with Tiktok helps you stay in top of trends. Make sure you post fresh and unique content consistently to gain more recognition and audience.

2. Use Your Audience for Promotion

There are many creative ways to increase the reach of your content. Rather than creating and posting public videos of your own, you can cash on user-generated content.

Ways to Promote your Business Using TikTok - Aston Social Melbourne Digital Agency

Ways to promote your business with Tiktok through your audiences:

  • Make videos content containing customers using your product

  • Use your hashtag to promote their content

  • Post video content of satisfied customers reviewing your product

Customers and audience promoting your business improves credibility. This will give a good boost to your business’ presence in the Tiktok community.

3. Advertise

Like Facebook or any other social media platform, TikTok also runs paid advertisement and show them on priority. The user can see the ads before any other content on their feed. This can be the best option if you are willing to promote your business using TikTok.

Ways to Promote your Business Using TikTok - Aston Social Marketing Melbourne

Ways to use TikTok ads:

  • You can sponsor any hashtag on the discover page, which is viewed by millions of users.

  • Through native ads, you can make short videos played between user content

  • A branded takeover is another option, which is shown to the user before anything else on their feed

  • You can create a brand lens that gets automatically included in the top ten trending

Promoting your business using TikTok ads improves engagement. TikTok accounts with no or minimal followers can get millions of views in an instant due it’s algorithm.

4. Influencers

There are TikTok influencers that have millions of followers. By using these influencers for marketing, your purpose can expand your outreach exponentially. Depending on your business domain, you can select an influencer and promote your products.

Ways to Promote your Business Using TikTok - Aston Social Marketing Melbourne

How Influencers can promote your business with TikTok:

  • Make a video about your products stating their benefits

  • In the Influencer’s post description, they would write about your products and include links pointing your business website or social media accounts

  • Influencers can do a review of your product, which promotes your business at the same time

Social Media Influencers can share your brand to their followers, which broadens your target audience. This can eventually grow your business customer base.

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