In 2014, Facebook announced it was working on an enterprise-friendly product. Low and behold, almost two years in the making it is finally here! Initially known as “Facebook at Work”  it has now been renamed Workplace by Facebook. Although we are all very excited, there are some questions looming around our office and I’m sure you are asking the same in yours. How is it different from the normal Facebook? How much does it cost? Will my Workplace by Facebook account be separate from my personal Facebook?

Workplace by Facebook - Aston Social Digital Marketing

What’s the difference between normal Facebook and Workplace by Facebook?

Workplace by Facebook is a completely separate account, you can even use Workplace by Facebook regardless of whether you have a personal account or not. Instead of having friends as your audience, you create and join groups with your co-workers on the platform to be a part of relevant conversations. Think of it as an internal communication tool, replacing more traditional forms, like email, phone calls or intranet.

What’s the same?

Facebook is banking on familiarity being a huge selling point for Workplace by Facebook so the look and feel and features are all very similar to normal Facebook. The News Feed will be used to stay updated on company news. Groups will play a predominant role in project collaboration. Work Chat, well that speaks for itself. Events will be useful for those quarterly sales celebrations and Christmas party planning! You can also use the search tool to find answers, past group posts or even files.

How much does it cost?

That is a very good question. Currently Facebook are not charging their early adopter (test) companies, however, we have an inkling that may change when rolled out internationally. There is speculation of a tiered arrangement whereby businesses can pay for the product and have it ad-free, whilst others may use it free with ads.

Watch out Slack, Yammer and Convo, Workplace by Facebook is sure to shake things up in the world of private enterprise social networking. Facebook is now another step closer to world domination, and we bet they are pretty happy about it too!

Workplace by Facebook - Aston Social Digital Marketing