Social media has always been a big pain for start ups.  Not only is it hard to get a following but it is also hard to choose a handle or a name that would make an impact to the market and the right impact at that.

With that in mind, a social media agency in Melbourne has created a list of how one can get creative with their social media handle.  Let us call this agency, Aston Social.  We also have a word that would be easy to remember for people and that is the word – FUR.

When creating a social media handle, every person must only remember the word FUR.  It should be Fun, it should be Useful, and it should be related or relatable to the business.

Your social media handle is the name that your clients should remember.  It has always been hard for people to remember names so it must have an impact to the clients.  This is why it is important to have the very first letter of the word FUR.

Just Remember the Word F.U.R.

F stands for FUN.  Your social media handle should be fun.  When the name is boring, the clients would automatically think that the social media is boring, and the business is boring.  You would not want that.  Exert some effort in making a fun social media handle.  However, if you want to be taken seriously and you want to let go of the fun, maybe you can just have a little more personal and professional tone on your social media account.  What is important is that you have fun.

U stands for Useful.  If your social media handle needs to have another factor other than being fun, make sure that it is also useful.  Being useful means that it can also get your brand name and your brand tone towards the right market.

R stands for Related or Relatable. When it is fun, when it is relatable, it should also be useful.  It is important to make sure that the social media handle reflects properly on your business and your business goals.

These are all the good points about getting creative with your social media handle.  Again, trust the experts at this social media agency in Melbourne and you should get everything that you want from your social media accounts.  Nothing more and nothing less, have some fun, make sure it is useful, and make sure that everyone can relate to it.