7 Tips In Choosing the Right Article Photo

Choosing an article photo is only half the battle in creating good content.  The photo must have specific requirements.  The social media manager or whoever is handling the posting should know that they cannot just choose any photo that comes out of a search. Considering this, it is important to review the things that a [...]

9 Reasons Why You Need To Be On Instagram Right Now

Instagram has become one of the top social media platforms all over the world.  People of all ages use and share this as a source of fun. Online businesses and those with a storefront have Instagram accounts for lots of reasons.   The social media strategy of any business should have Instagram as an essential component. [...]

10 Social Media Mistakes That You May Already Be Making

Social Media is the ruler of online businesses. If a business has the right social media connections, their social media strategy and social media optimization are operating successfully and the ongoing effort required to reach your audience and clients is decreased. How does one get the right connections? The answer is by reaching the [...]