How does Twitter Marketing Work? An Overview

How does Twitter Marketing Work? Social media advertising is said to be one of the top ways to get some traction in social media.  Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram already have their own ways of marketing. In this article, the ways of twitter marketing as a social media strategy will be discussed in order to [...]

Social Media Monopoly

Social media monopoly plays a significant role these days, impacting almost all industries. The Behemoth Every industry, in Australia at least, has a monopoly or duopoly in it. Banking, insurance, grocery, hardware, you name it and I’ll bet that anyone in Australia can name the behemoth in each of those sectors. By contrast, social media [...]

What’s the best time for a business to post on social media?

Having the perfect social media post is all and good, but is it going to get the exposure it deserves? Timing is crucial on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter because the lifespan of your posts on these platforms is fairly short. Timing is dependent on a number of factors including your audience, the type of content [...]

Will Twitter survive in 2017?

Twitter has experienced some tough times of late. Their number of monthly users has dropped and overall growth has slowed down. Their share price has fallen by nearly 20% and just today they ‘accidentally’ blocked the account of its co-founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey. So, what does the social network have planned for growth in 2017? Video, video [...]

Choosing the right social media platforms for your brand

In 2016, if your brand isn’t on social media it may as well not exist. And if you are on social media, but not on the relevant platforms, you may as well not exist either. There are a number of social media platforms that have popped up over the last few years but it doesn’t [...]