In the world of data, it is vital to understand how the data interacts. If you are interested in understanding how users interact with your website, you can use analytical tools like google analytics. Google Analytics is used by 86 percent of users to capture data and form reports. In its updated and new version, Google Analytics 4 was released in 2021. The new tool was launched to protect the user’s privacy and cater to advanced technology. This new tool is different from its predecessor in collecting data, measuring it, and building models based on the data.

In the following section, we will explore the additions in Google Analytics 4

1. Advanced Analysis

Universal Analytics, the older form of google analytics 4, could only record page views and related metrics. However, google analytics 4 tracks multiple factors at a time.

Introduction to Google Analytics 4 - Aston Social Digital Agency Melbourne

It can measure a number of things including:

  • Users scrolls of a page

  • Links clicks

  • Number of website searches

  • Number of downloads

Advanced Google Analytics gives you a more comprehensive data about the behaviour of visitors on your website. This will help you plan your next marketing strategy for your business.

2. Interface

In Universal Analytics, a user had access to a lot of information in its interface, but it was less effective as the content was unorganized and was difficult to track.

Introduction to Google Analytics 4 - Aston Social Melbourne

In the new version, a user can access different data under various categories. It enhances user experience by:

  • It is recommended that at least use three to four hashtags in one post but do not overdo

  • Use relevant hashtags or @mentions when sharing someone else’s content

  • Use popular hashtags from the LinkedIn page

The new interface look helps  you easily review both website and app data to help monitor your marketing strategy. Google Analytics 4 provides a more robust cross-device tracking than GA3.

3. User Identification

The problem with Universal Analytics was that it could not identify a user when that user cleared browsing data or browsed using incognito mode. This error in identification showed such returning users as a new user.

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Google analytics 4 solves this issue by:

  • It uses google signals to identify users

  • It identifies a user by device ID or User ID, which can later be used for user identification

The User-ID feature in Google analytics 4 lets you track session and behavioural flow of specific users and compare this to other users for metric evaluation.

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