Social Media Content Schedule

Having a social media profile is just not enough. You need to actually publish stuff! The more advanced brands among us actually have their content scheduled well in advance, often up to one month in advance. Knowing what you’re going to post, where it’s going to come from and who’s responsible for it is vital in trying to achieve Social Media success!

You can download the Social Media Content Schedule template here.

1. Content Genres

In the array of noise that Social Media has become, it’s important for your social media marketing efforts to stand out. To do so, it’s important to understand the different content genres and then develop content streams to match each genre. Below listed are the genre types.

  • Thought Leadership: Intelligent, thought provoking content. Content that highlights how smart your brand is, how technically advanced you are and how much intelligence your brand has.
  • Humanising the Brand:  Funny, emotional and human content. Content that brings a face to the brand, reminding consumers of the real people behind your brand.
  • Sales Promotion:  Advertisements. The content that shows consumers what you have for sale, how much it costs, how great it is and how they can buy it.

Once you’ve understood the genres, it’s important to create 4 or 5 different content stream ‘concepts’ per genre, to give you a mix of content to publish.

2. Content Release Schedule

Once you’ve developed your content stream concepts based on the content genres, you now need to draft a schedule for these streams. Each schedule should contain a mixture of content, in the realm of 40% Thought Leadership, 40% Humanising the Brand and 20% Sales Promotion (mix may vary depending on the brand).

Schedule your different content streams to line up with the mixture percentage and trial it. It’s important to know that some streams will work better than others and this will impact your content schedule going forward.

You can download the Social Media Content Schedule template here.